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Aqua sighed as she walked through Radiant Garden. She thought she'd try and find that boy in the mask, but no one had seen him anywhere. She gave a sigh and looked down. "Guess he really is gone. No reason to stay here then." She said, getting ready to activate her armor. All of a sudden, a loud noise was heard, just a little away. It sounded like a bell. "Hmm, is that a school?" She stopped and walked over to see what the noise was.

A flood of students and teachers flooded out of the building, all in a fire drill formation. Aqua didn't care much, but then noticed something. "Strange, I don't smell any smoke." she said, looking at the building. All of a sudden, a huge collection of green paint fell on the whole crowd of students and teachers alike. Aqua gasped and put a hand over her mouth. "Oh my! Who would do something like that?"

On top of the school, a girl wearing a modified version of the school uniform laughed, holding a hand over her mouth so she wasn't discovered. Aqua frowned at her and circled around the school, then slowly climbed up the back.  The girl, Yuffie, snuck back down to the back of the school.

She then came face to face with Aqua. "Are you one the one that set up that prank?" she asked sternly, arms crossed.

Yuffie looked up at her. "U-u-um!!!" she stuttered, wanting to think of an excuse.

"Matter of fact, did you pull the fire alarm in the first place since the school seems fine?" she added.

"Um... no....?"

"Are you lying to me?" she asked, just as sternly.

"N-no..." she whimpered, then ran in the opposite diretion of aqua. Aqua swung her hand and Yuffie crashed into a force field. "Where are you going?" she asked, coming over and grabbing her ear. Yuffie squealed, then louder when Aqua grabbed her ear. "Let gooooo!" she whined.

"No, I am going to bring you down there and tell them exactly who's responsible for that paint prank." Aqua said, starting to drag her along.

"NO! No no! Pleeeeease! If you do, I'll get expelled! I got suspended too much already! Please don't tell!!" Yuffie begged, jumping up to try to stop Aqua.

"Well, what do you want me to do? I'm not letting this go unpunished." Aqua told her, still holding her ear.

"OW! Anything but please, Don't TELL!" Yuffie whined, trying to get away from her.

"Alright, I can think of something to do with you." Aqua said, sitting down and pulling Yuffie over her lap.

Yuffie blinked, not used to this position. "What are we doing?" she asked, looking over her shoulder.

"I'm going to show you the type of discipline my master gives me: a spanking." She then raised her hand and smacked her rear end.

Yuffie yelped. "Owie!"

Aqua paid her no mind and repeated the spank. Yuffie was not used to this, never really having been spanked aside from one or two to get her to leave a room when she wasn't wanted. Aqua started to get a steady pace going, alternating her slaps between the left and right sides of her rear. Yuffie cried out loud, though due to the alarm, she probably wasn't heard. She kicked her legs, whimpering. "st-stooooop!

"No, what you did was really serious. You can't pull a fire alarm for no reason!" Aqua said, raising the skirt of her uniform before giving her an even harder spanking on her panties.

"Owie! m-my butt is hurting!" she whined, tears flowing down her face.

"That's the point." Aqua said. "A spanking hurts so that you don't misbehave again."

"Ow! I won't I wooooon't!"

"Good, now you're almost done. Just hold on." Aqua said, reaching back and pulling her panties down to her knees. Yuffie whimpered. She didn't like this, but she honestly didn't want to get told on.

"Now, I want you to count these, alright?" Aqua told her, raising her hand over her pinkened butt.

"O-okay ma'am..." Yuffie whimpered, bracing herself. Aqua nodded and brought her hand down her bottom harder then ever.

"ONE!" she yelled out. Aqua spanked her left cheek, then a moment after, swatted her right too.

"OW! Two! Three..."

Aqua gave her her last two quickly, but hit both her sitspots this time. Yuffie screamed out.


Aqua stopped, then stood Yuffie up so she'd look at her, also holding her arms so she wouldn't rub. Yuffie squirmed,  but not much due to her panties being at her ankles. "Now, are you going to pull something like this again?" she asked, looking her in the eyes.
Yuffie shoook her head. "No.... I pwomise..." she sniffled, looking up at Aqua.

"Alright, now come here." Aqua said, pulling her close and hugging her. Yuffie sniffled and hugged her back, even though she didn't know her. She felt pretty close to this lady. Aqua just held her like that, rubbing her back. Yuffie clung to her, then slowly, closed her eyes. This was soothing, despite the pain. Aqua smiled as she started to relax. "So, feel better now?" she asked after a little longer. She looked at the child when she got no response and found out why. Yuffie didn't hear her, being fast asleep.
Aqua had to laugh at her, then after fixing her uniform, picked her up and brought her down from the school. She set her down against the wall (gently so she didn't wake from her sore bottom). "Well, maybe I'll get to see you again kid. Hopefully you won't need to get spanked after today." she said softly, smiling at her. She then opened a portal and left the world... and her new friend, behind.
Here's the first chapter of the Kingdom Hearts series. I should explain some stuff about this before I hear complaints from any readers(And I know there will be questions, because I showed it to some friends before and there were questions). So, let's cover things I'm sure will be asked. Ages seems like a good beginning. This takes place during Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep. That takes place around 10 years before the initial Kingdom Hearts. In the initial Kingdom Hearts, Yuffie was about 15. Ten years prior, she'd be 5. Obviously this didn't take place with a five year old. So we did some switching around. In this, she'd be 7-9 like before Crisis Core. Why? Because nobody ever said how long it took Birth By Sleep to finish. Is that a stupid reason? Maybe but Its my story, I don't care. Or rather, I'm too tired to care right now. As for another question I'm sure will come up. All of the Kingdom Hearts stories I have will not be set in this time. Most of them will place after KH2 and completely ignore events of games prior to that. Mostly because we had no knowledge of 3DS during the time it was being done so, meh. It goes AU after that point so screw it. I think I've covered the obvious stuff. This was short, the next one will be too. After that they'll all be long. Hope you enjoy!
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