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Gonna be moving all my stories to a new account(Will post the name of it when i have them all there) that's a combo of the content from here, from my other account over at… and basically just gonna be content made by me and some of my friends. RPs that we edit to story-form. Will NOT just be me anymore. So, hope you'll check that out. Will post a link on both accounts but this one is pretty much dead. Also, all stories will not move over at once. It's gonna be a slow process. Still, hope you'll follow me :P
Hey, been awhile since I made a Journal cuz... well, I had no need to. Just wanna say a few things. Progress with stories might be slow, because my son of bitch, asshole stepfather has moved in with us. He ruined ALOT of my life, and I want him out. Sadly, my mom is a kiss ass to him so he refuses to leave and my mom is ok with it despite ALL of her kids, except possibly(a three year old, no less) wishing we lived somewhere else.  I don't honestly have anywhere to go since I have no job right now. Nor do I have money. So I can't leave despite that I badly want to. Now that the useless rant is out of the way, down to real matters.

I have ALOT of stories I could potentially post. Not to say that I will stop posting the ones I am, but wondering which to post next. I have a ton of Disgaea stories I can post. I also have alot of Persona stories, though they have an actual storyline that I'm too lazy to write. Or that I need help writing because I don't know how to begin the story. I also have Kingdom Hearts stories(mostly about Kairi and Yuffie) and MLP stories. Before anything, I'm not a brony. PLEASE do not call me that. I have nothing against them but I don't like being called that because honestly, I just know the characters and I don't really like watching the show.

So tell me, what should I post next? I'm gonna be posting alot of whatever it is before I post any other series though. So that's why I ask.
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