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Morgan blinked as she glanced off into the forest. "A nest..? A wait, that's a.... bee-hive! Wow!" she said, surprised. She smiled a bit as she walked toward the forest

"Morgan, no." Severa groaned, taking her by the hood and pulling her back to the camp. "No more exploring for today."

Morgan yelped at that, pouting. "Awww, but sis--" she groaned.

"No. Last time you went into the woods, something else came out." she said with a frown.

"Thoes hornets weren't very nice naturally. I didn't do anything." she muttered.

"Well, the rest of us have had our fill of hornets, me especially." she said. "So let's stay inside of the camp today, alright?"

"Okay..." she sighed, folding her arms.

"Good." she nodded, letting her go. She then sat down to start sharpening her sword.

Morgan watched for a minute before seeing something out of the corner of her eye and walking off.

"Do you want me to help with your- Morgan?" Severa blinked and looked around before groaning. "Not again."

Morgan was nowhere to be seen, just vanished

"Oh, by the gods! Morgan!" she called, getting up to chase after her.

Morgan didn't answer her, but her footprints DID lead into the forest.

"Oh, that's it!" she muttered, following them.

She found Morgan looking picking up pinecones on the floor just a bit into the forest.

[10/26/2013 6:33:55 AM] Kyle Taylor: "Morgan!" she called, coming over and taking her by the hood again.

"EEK!" she squealed, before looking up. "Oh, hi Severa." she added, smiling.

"What did I just tell you?" she asked her.

"Oh, sorry, but I saw a moth and followed it to here." she said simply

"Morgan... the forest is off-limits, okay? No little sisters going in here from now on." she said, leading her back to the camp.

"Okay." she said simply, following her.

Severa sighed and rubbed her head with her free hand as she lead her all the way to their tent.

"Hey Severa?" she said after a minute.

"What?" she asked her.

"There's a slug crawling on your behind. I just thought I should tell you before you sit and hurt the poor thing." she said casually. "Oh, and can I go to Mother's tent? I think I forgot my spear in there."

"WHAT?!" she yelled, immediately jumping and trying to look behind her while frantically brushing at her rear.

A large slug fell to the ground and began crawling away slowly. Morgan seemed unfazed

"EWW!!! That's disgusting!" she yelled, brushing at her pants.

"Its off now." Morgan blinked, confused.

"That thing was on my BUTT, Morgan!" she said back.

"Exactly. Its not like your butt will always be clean anyway. That's what Cynthia said anyway." Morgan said with a smile.

"Morgan... don't listen to what Cynthia says." she groaned.

"Why?" she asked, curious.

"Because her fragile little mind can't tell fact from fantasy." she said flatly.

"Okay." she shrugged, accepting that.

"Now, let's go to Mother's tent." she said.

"Okay." she said with a smile.

Severa rolled her eyes and walked with her.

Morgan followed her for awhile, and ran to the tent once it was in sight.

Severa sighed and stood there, watching the tent.

After five minutes, Morgan still didn't come out.

Severa gave a confused look before coming in to check on her. "Morgan...?"

Morgan, somehow, wasn't IN the tent so far as she could see. But there was no other exit, and she hadn't come out the exit she went in through.

"What the-" Severa briefly started looking for her in the tent.

It was just the bed, Cordelia's bag, and a few weapons laying about. There wasn't much chance for hiding here.

Severa facepalmed before stepping outside. "Morgan!" she called, looking around.

"BOO!" Morgan cheered from behind Severa, glomping her to the ground.

"HEY!" Severa yelped in surprise as they both fell down.

"Hehehehe! Gotcha, sis!" Morgan laughed, sitting up.

"What was that for?!" she snapped, blushing.

"For fun!" she giggled

"Morgan, get off." she groaned.

"Okay." she said, standing up and dusting her clothes off.

Severa did the same before looking at her. "So, did you get what you came for?" she asked.

"Yeah." she said, holding up her Killer Lance which, because of Owain, she was persuaded to nickname to Mimi McKillstreak.

"Fine. Now, we're done with the forest, right?" Severa asked.

"Yes, sis." she said with a happy smile.

"Good, then maybe I can finally relax." Severa sighed.

"If you say so." Morgan said, happily heading off.

"... Where are you going?" she asked with a sigh.

".... I dunno." Morgan said after a moment of thought.

"You know what? As long as you stay in camp, I don't care." she said.

"Really? Thanks!" she said before running off.

Severa sighed before going to try and get back to sharpening her sword.

A few minutes later, her father came in, folding his arms. "Severa, may I talk to you for a moment?"

"What is it father?" she asked, giving him an innocent smile.

"Didn't I tell you to watch Morgan?" he asked, giving her a look

"She said she was staying in camp, why?" she asked.

"Yes, she did, but that doesn't much stop her from... doing certain things she really shouldn't be doing. Which is WHY I asked you to watch her."

"What did she do?" she asked, facepalming.

He simply reached outside the tent before bringing his hand back in, holding Morgan a few inches off the ground by her hood. She had an empty jar of strawberry jam in her hands, and much of it was on her face.

"... Where did you even find Jam?" she asked with a sigh.

"The Mess Tent." she said innocently.

"I told you to look after her so she doesn't get into such exploits. And not to mention Kjelle found her trying to use the restroom by the forest entrance."

"The restroom was occupied." Morgan said, shrugging.

"What- Morgan, what is wrong with you?! That is the most unladylike thing anyone's ever done!" Severa told her.

Nah said the same thing. But Cynthia, Noire and Miss Sully, I all had seen do it before." Morgan said with an oblivious smile. Their father sighed and set her down on her feet in front of Severa.

"When I say watch her, I mean WATCH her. I don't mean leave her to her own devices and hope for the best." he scolded before leaving.

Severa rolled her eyes before looking at Morgan with a glare.

Morgan immideatly looked at the ground, trying to avoid her gaze

"One hour. Is it too much to ask that you stay out of trouble for one hour?!" she snapped at her.

"I'm sorry..." she whined. "How was I supposed to know?"

"How were you- Oh come on!" she snapped at her. "It's common sense!"

"But I saw alot of other girls do it too. And its just jam."

"I don't care! You almost got me in big trouble with Father!" she said back.

  "Sorry..." she whimpered.

"... Not yet you're not." she said, reaching over and grabbing her hairbrush.

"Noooo! Not again!" Morgan pleaded, turning and running out.

"FREEZE, SIS!" Severa said, grabbing her by the hood just after she got out of the tent.

"NO! Let gooo!" she whined, struggling to run still. "Severa, please, not that again!"

"No way! If I'm playing Mommy for you, then that means I get to do this too!" she said, dragging her back inside to the bed.

"No! Please, spankings hurt alot!" Morgan whimpered.

"Severa?" Kjelle asked, poking her head in, currently absent of her armor.

"What is it, Kjelle?" she groaned, looking over at her with a frown, still hanging onto her sister.

"You may wish to clean off your younger sister, and also explain to Miss Sumia and Miss Cherche why we're missing a bag of sugar, some honey and all of the leftover stew from yesterday." she said bluntly, making Morgan gulp worriedly.

"..... REALLY?" she asked with a strained look, glaring at Morgan.

"Yes, really. And since dinner is in a few hours, may wanna jump on that." Kjelle said, Morgan whimpering.

"Oh, come on Kjelle, we have to go now." Inigo's voice called. "We have a date!" Kjelle blushed scarlet and exited the tent.

"Shut up and walk!" she snapped from outside, and a slap was heard, along with Inigo yelping and then footsteps walking away.

"They're.." Severa blinked before shaking it off. "Well, you heard her." she said, glaring at Morgan. "I don't have long, so I better make this the worst spanking I can give." she said.

"No! Please! I-I don't want to be spanked again, Severa!" Morgan begged.

"TOO BAD!" she snapped, sitting down and throwing her sister over her knee. She then flipped her coat out of the way so she had an unobstructed view of her rear.

"No! Please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" she whined, her butt clad in simple black pants now revealed to her older sister.

"After the blistering you're gonna get, you better not!" she said, whacking her rear with the hairbrush.

"OW!" she cried out, bucking her legs.

"How do you cause so much trouble every day?!" she asked, paddling away.

"OW OW OW! I-I dunno! I'm sorry!" she whined, kicking around.

"If it's not one thing it's another, and how could you eat so much of our food supplies?!" she asked.

"I was hungry!" she whimpered.

"You ate enough for three hungry people!" she said, beating her sitspots.

"OW OWIE! Not there-- OUCH! Not there!" she cried, squirming.

"Maybe squirming around at dinner will help you remember to leave food for the others." Severa told her, holding her down.

"I'm sorry big sister!" she cried, kicking her feet as she was spanked.

"Not yet, you're not!" she said, stopping to pin her sister's legs between hers. She then started to work her pants down towards her ankles.

"N-No! Not that! Not on my panties!" she complained,shaking her rear back and forth in an attempt to stop.

"HUSH!" she said, giving her a whack over her panties before continuing to take her pants down.

"OW!" she whined, her pink butterfly panties revealed. "Please, Severa, PLEASE! I've learned my lesson!"

"I don't believe that!" she said, spanking harder with the hairbrush at a rapid pace.

"OUCH! OW! I'm so sorry!" she cried, tears coming to her eyes at the harder spanks.

"Sorry for WHAT, Morgan?!" she asked her.

"OWIE! For getting into trouble!" she cried

"That's right, and I'm getting sick of it!" she said, paddling her sitspots.

  "OWIE! I'm sorry, Severa!" she bawled.

"How sorry?!" she asked, spanking over and over.

"OUCH! Super sorry!" she wailed

"Sorry enough you won't do it again?" she asked her.

"Yes! I promise big sister, really!" she sobbed

"Good... now let's keep going til I forgive you!" she said, grabbing her panties.

"No! Not bare bottom spanks! Please not that!" Morgan begged, reaching back to prevent that.

"Too bad!" Severa said, pushing her hand away. "I'm the big sister and what I say goes!" she said, taking her panties down.

"Nooooooo! I'm sorry!" she sniffled, trying to kick, looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya." she said, giving hard hairbrush spanks to her bare butt, which already matched her hair.

"OW-HOWIE!" she wailed

"Now, I am getting sick and tired of having to keep you from doing all this stuff, and it gets really annoying when I'm in trouble for what you do. So I want you to tone it down already!" she said, beating her behind over and over.

"I'm sorry! I will! I promise!" she sobbed, going limp over her knee.

"Good." Severa said, slowing to a stop as she finished the spanking.

Morgan was sobbing like a little girl over her lap, not pleading anymore.

"Alright... now you learned your lesson, right?" she asked, putting the brush aside and rubbing her back.

"Y-Yes big sis..." she sniffled, looking over her shoulder.

"Alright, now. I want you to help me take care of dinner and fix everything you did." she said.

"Okay.." she sniffled, nodding once.

"Great, now pull your pants up and let's get going." she told her.

"Okay..." she gulped, standing up and doing so slowly and carefully, but still hissed in pain when her pants went over her toasted rear

"Alright, ready to go?" she asked her, getting up.

"Yeah." Morgan nodded, wiping her face.

"Then let's get going." she said, heading towards the mess hall.

Fire Emblem- Big Sister Babysitter
You guys may see more of this pairing, assuming I decide to upload the other Morgan story I have to here too. Not sure just yet. Posted mainly out of excitement for all the Fire Emblem characters in the coming Smash Bros game! Hoping very much to be able to edit Robin when the game is available! And may even accept challenge requests from people owo Not sure yet. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Sumia sighed as she ran a hand through her hair before coming over to their strategist. "Um, Robin... can we talk for a minute?" she asked him.

"Hm? Oh, hey Sumia. Is something wrong?" He asked, turning to look at her. He glanced at Morgan before gesturing to the tent. "We'll finish this talk later. Go to your tent and don't come out."

"Yes father..." Morgan sighed, doing so.

"Not quite... I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time?" Sumia asked, glancing at Morgan.

"No... Just... Morgan did something rather inappropriate. I still can't belive I have a daughter." he sighed. "So what's up?"

"Well, funny you should mention that. I'm having a few problems with Cynthia myself." she said. "I was hoping you could give me some parental advice on discipline."

"Discipline?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm... having a bit of trouble being stern with my daughter, I'm afraid." Sumia admitted.

"Well that's understandable." he said, giving a nod.

"So, if I may, how do you usually punish Morgan? She's certainly full of energy from what I've seen." Sumia said.

"Well... I suppose I can show you. Considering that I intended to do that anyway." he said, glancing back at Morgan's tent.

"Oh? Should I go get Cynthia then? Maybe you could give me some pointers." Sumia asked him.

"No, that's fine. Just watch me and then you can handel it." he shrugged.

"Alright then. Let's get it over with." sumia said with a nod.

Robin nodded before entering Morgan's tent.

"Hey father... Oh! Hey Sumia!" Morgan said, perking up as she saw the pegasus knight come in behind Robin.

  "Well, Morgan, what do you have to say for yourself?" Robin asked sternly

Morgan's smiled went away and she looked down. "I'm sorry." she said quietly.

"You'd best be. That was the most dangerous stunt you've pulled to date!" he scolded.

"I didn't mean to get anyone hurt." she said, looking at him sadly.

"So, what did she do anyway?" Sumia asked Robin.

  "Morgan, tell her." Robin ordered, folding his arms.

"Um, I may have switched all the weapons with training replicas to see how good his eye for detail was." Morgan said.

"What?! Morgan, what if someone had tried taking those replacements into battle?!" Sumia told her.

"Exactly. And had I not noticed, we might have done just that!"

"Sorry..." Morgan said, looking at him with a small shrug.

"... Get your hairbrush." he said finally.

"Father, not that!" Morgan begged.

"Her... hairbrush?" Sumia asked with a confused look.

  [5/18/2013 5:33:37 PM] Khite: "No backtalk, Morgan!" Robin scolded.

[Morgan whimpered before going to do so. "Robin, I'm confused. How is brushing her hair a punishment?" Sumia asked.

"The brush isn't for her hair, Sumia." he explained

  "Um, what else could you use it for?" she asked as Morgan came back worriedly.

"Morgan, explain how this is going to work, young lady." He said, taking it from her.

"W-What?" she asked, blushing before looking at Sumia. "B-But Father, she's still here..." she whined.

"Stop questioning me, young lady." Robin scolded

Morgan whined before turning redder. "You're going to take my hairbrush, and smack my butt with it til I can't sit down." she whimpered. Sumia's eyes widened in surprise.

"And you should thank Sumia for being here. She's why you're ONLY getting the brush. It'd be the strap otherwise." he said.

"A strap?" Sumia asked in disbelief, Morgan whimpering again.

"Yes. Its called a spanking Sumia-- Wait, you've never been spanked before?" Robin asked in disbelife.

"Well, no. I never really got in trouble as a child." she said with a small shrug.

"That's... surprising. I don't know any child that hasn't been..."

Sumia just give him an innocent, curious look.

  "Regardless. Morgan, come here." Robin said, walking to a chair.

Morgan nodded with one more whimper before she walked over to him.

Robin took her hand before bending her over his knees, holding the brush in one hand.

Morgan squirmed slightly over his lap to try and get comfortable.

Robin wasted no time in beginning to rain down hard smacks upon his daughter's rear end.

"Ow ow ow! Father, I'm sorry!" Morgan whined, kicking her feet.

"You'd best be! I can't believe you, young lady!" he scolded, spanking her rapidly.

"Owie! It hurts, it hurts!" Morgan cried, wiggling over her lap while Sumia stared at them.

"It should! What in the world were you thinking, child?!"

"OUCH! I'm sorry! I was just trying to test you!" she whined. "Please Father, no more!"

"You can do that if you wish but NOT when it endangers everyone else's lives as well!"

"Owie owie! I'm sorry, I wasn't trying too!" Morgan said frantically, reaching back to cover her rear.

"Don't block, Morgn!" he scolded, pinning her hand to the small of her back as he continued spanking.

"Owie! But Father, it stings!" she whined, kicking even harder.

"I don't care. Its about to sting a lot more." he said, glaring at her.

"N-NO! Please don't do that!" Morgan begged, struggling to get up.

He pinned her down with ease before raiising her skirt out of the way.

"FATHER!" she whined, her panties with fire, lightning, and wind spells on them being exposed. Sumia covered her mouth and blushed as much as Morgan was.

"Don't you father me, Morgan! You deserve this and you know it!" he said, spanking away at her sitspots.

"OW-HOW! Not the sitspots, not the sitspots!" she wailed.

"Um, sitspots?" Sumia asked hesitantly.

"Morgan will explain when we finish, Sumia." Robin said, not looking away from the task at hand.

"Okay... h-how long does this take?" she asked over Morgan's wails and pleading.

"It'll be over in another minute." he said, his hand grabbing the waistband of Morgan's underwear.

"No-hoo! Don't take them down, please! I'm sorry!" Morgan sobbed, kicking her feet.

"Quiet, Morgan." he said, tugging them down to reveal her bare, bright red behind.

"Wow... is it supposed to be so... red?" Sumia asked, staring at her behind.

"Yes, its close to done. Just another minute more." he answered, retuning to spanking her.

"WAAAH!!! I'M SORRY FATHER, I'M SORRY!!!" Morgan cried frantically over his lap, trying to move her rear away from her awful hairbrush.

Robin didn't respond and continued punishing the poor girl for a few more seconds and stopped, standing her up. "Alright, before you go to the corner, explain sitspots to Sumia." he ordered, though was holding her gently.

Morgan sobbed and looked at her. "I-It's where most of your weight goes when you sit down... so it's really hard to sit down if they're sore." she sobbed, still blushing.

"Oh..... I see." Sumia said awkwardly.

"Good girl. Now, go sit in the corner while I talk to Sumia." he said gently.

Morgan whined and gave Robin a pleading look. "Father, I'm sorry."

"Corner, unless you want us to continue after Sumia leaves." he warned.

Morgan sobbed and shook her head at him before heading to the corner.

Robin nodded before gesturing Sumia to follow him out of the tent.

Sumia nodded, but then paused as she heard Morgan wailing as she sat down in the corner. She briefly looked over at the crying girl squirming in her seat before following Robin.

"Any questions?" he asked, looking at her.

"Well... isn't it kind of mean to beat your child?" she asked him, glancing back at the tent.

"For disciplinary reasons, no. I learned from Panne." he shrugged.

"Well, alright then." she said. "So... you think I should spank Cynthia?" she asked hesitantly.

"That's up to you. That's the disciplinary form I was raised with and that's what seems to be pretty effective. I know Panne does it, as does Sully on occassion." he explained.

"Well... does it work?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well, Morgan's not likely to pull nother idiotic stunt for the rest of the week. And what she did before was much worse, but she hasn't since done anything of that severity."

"Well... I guess I could try it." Sumia said. "Any last advice?" she asked, turning to leave.

"The most important part: Comfort isn't to be forgotten."

"Comfort?" she asked, looking back at him.

"Yes. When Morgan's time is up, I'm going to hug her and let her know its better now that she's punished. Let her know its okay and all is forgiven now." he said with a warm smile.

Sumia stared briefly before smiling and nodding at him. "Right, I'll be sure to do that." she said.

Robin nodded before going back to Morgan's tent.

Morgan was giving little sniffles and rubbing her eyes as she sat in the corner, her panties currently down to her ankles.

"Come here, Morgan." he said, looking at her as he sat on the bed.

Morgan got up and slowly walked over, rubbing her red cheeks the whole time.

Robin held his arms out, offering her a hug

Morgan came over and threw her arms around him, sobbing into his chest.

"There, there, Morgan. Its okay. You're my good girl again." he said gently, rubbing her back.

"R-Really father?" she asked, sniffling and looking at him.

  "Yes. You're daddy's little girl again." he said with a smile.

"Heh... does daddy's little girl get her butt healed by mommy?" she tried, smiling back.

"No. No healing. You're staying just like that, and you're grounded." he responded.

"Grounded?! But Father, you already made me sit in the corner!" she whined.

"Yes but if you can argue then apparently that wasn't enough punishment. One week. Grounded." he said with finality.

Morgan whined again before pouting at him.

"Morgan, does someone need a few MORE minutes in the time out chair? Or maybe I should tell mommy about what exactly you did--"

"No!" she cried hugging him tighter. "I-I'm too sore for a time out! And Mommy will give me ANOTHER spanking!"

"So does being grounded sound like the better option

"Yes..." she sighed. "Though all those punishments are meant for kids half my age." she muttered.

"What was that?" he asked, giving her a sharp pinch on her sore, red behind.

Morgan yelped and stood on her toes. "Eep! Nothing, Father! I love you! Thank you for just grounding me!" she told him.

He chuckled lightly, giving a nod. "Alright. Now go to bed, Morgan."

"Okay... can you tuck me in?" she asked with a smile.

"Of course, sweetheart." he said, smiling back.

Morgan giggled and hugged him again.

Robin chuckled a bit, hugging her back

Sumia went over everything Robin and Morgan said one last time, then, taking a breath, went into her tent. "Cynthia, can we talk for a minute?" she asked, looking at her daughter.

["Hm? Oh, hey mother!" Cynthia said, smiling up at her.

"Cynthia... I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday's battle." Sumia told her.

"Oh! Mom, I swear, I did NOT blame Lucina for that! It was someone else! I swear, I didn't do it at all! Father must have seen it for himself or something!" she said, immediately defensive.

  "Cynthia, I'm well aware of what happened." she said.

"Phew... Wait, so you're not mad?" she asked.

"I am rather upset with you." she admitted. "It's just... I wasn't sure what to do about it til now."

"Til now...? Er, does it involve fruit or ice cream? Or Fruit ice cream?"

"No Cynthia, it doesn't." she said, taking a breath. "I've decided... that you're going to be spanked as your punishment."

"SPANKED?!" she asked, staring in disbelief.

"That's right." she said with a nod. "I believe that's the best punishment I can give you."

"No, y-you can't do that! Spankings hurt like crazy!" she protested.

"You've gotten them before?" she asked, blinking in surprise.

"Um, Lucy's not exactly a patient person sometimes and gets mad over small things." she said, giving a glance over to where Lucina was.

"Oh, then maybe she can give me some advice for your punishment." Sumia said, turning towards her other daughter.

"NO! Dooooon't!" she whined, wrapping her arms around Sumia's.

Sumia glanced at her in surprise before sighing. "Alright fine. We can do this ourselves, but after this, I'm letting Chrom know that you two aren't exempt from getting spanked." she told her.

Cynthia groaned loudly at this. "Can't I just not get spanked and we say we DID do it?"

"No, we can't Cynthia. I've made up my mind." Sumia said, briefly running through everything. "Now... I want you to get me your hairbrush." she told her.

"My hairbrush...? Wait, you're gonna brush my hair?" she asked, confused.

"You'll see soon enough, Cynthia. Now please do what I said." she said in a gentle tone.

She sighed before (quite disrespectfully) rolling her eyes and walking off to get it.

Sumia blinked at that then made a note to scold her for it when she got back.

"Here, mother." she said, returning shortly with a small wooden hair brush.

"Cynthia, what were you rolling your eyes about?" she asked her.

"Huh? Uh... Er..." she stammered, trying to figure a way to dig herself out of this hole.

["As your mother, shouldn't you show me a little more respect?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"Y-Yes. I was... Rolling my eyes at... My dumb question?" she tried.

Sumia narrowed her eyes and gave her a stern look. "Cynthia..."

"S-Sorry, Mother." she said, wincing under the glare.

"I may be new to disciplining you, but I'm sure that lying and attitudes are not going to help your case." she scolded.

"Will appologizing help?" she asked hopefully.

  "No, it will not. Now come here." she said, taking a seat.

"M-Mom, there are other ways to discipline you know! Spankings don't have to be done." she said, looking at Sumia with a worried look

"I want to make sure that you behave and this doesn't happen again. Robin said spankings are perfect for that kind of behavior." Sumia said, waving her over.

"That stupid May." she muttered under her breath as she slowly came over.

"Cynthia, what did I just say about attitude?" she asked, taking the hairbrush and then grabbing her daughter's hand.

"Ah! Wait, I wasn't talking about you!" she whined, eyes widening.

  "Who you were talking about is not the problem." she said, pulling her daughter so she was over her knee. "The problem is you're talking like that about your allies."

"But Mother!" she whined, pouting and squirming.

"No buts, Cynthia." she said, raising the hairbrush. "Well, except yours, I guess." she then smacked the brush on her rear end relatively hard.

"OW! That stung!" she complained.

"That's what they're supposed to do, aren't they?" she asked, spanking again.

"OUCH! But mother! I didn't do anything to deserve a spanking!"

"I told you, this is about what happened yesterday." Sumia said, starting a slow pace that alternated cheeks.

"Ow! OW! Ouch! But that's not my fault!" she whined.

"You're trying to tell me someone else put up that huge banner that entangled half of our troops?" she asked with an extra hard smack.

"OW! I-I... Well, its possible!" she insisted.

"Cynthia, I am getting very tired of this lying!" Sumia said, all the following spanks just as hard.

"OW! OW! OW! But Mother!" she complained.

Cynthia, I want you to be a good girl and take your spanking." Sumia said, stopping suddenly.

"Uh... Well if I'd knew it was gonna be over that fast, I would've. Ok." she shrugged, going to stand up.

"We're not done yet." Sumia said, taking a hold of her pants.

"Uh! UH! What are you doing, mom?!" she asked, worried.

"Taking the next step in your spanking." she said, pulling them down. "Now you're getting spanked on your underwear."

"WAIT! D-Don't do that! That'll hurt more!" she whined, her pegasus panties showing.

"That's the point, Cynthia." Sumia said, whacking at the seat of her panties just as hard.

"OWIE! Mother, pleeeease! I'm sorry!" she pleaded, kicking her feet.

"What are you sorry for?" she asked, getting into her painful rhythm again.

"F-For putting up the banner! OWIE!" she whimpered, near tears.

Sumia nodded before adjusting her aim to spank her sitspots. "And why was that bad?" she asked.

"OW OW OW! IT HURTS REALLY BAD THERE!" she cried out, kicking more.

"I know. When I spank there, it means you'll remember this." she explained. "Now answer my question Cynthia."

"OW-HOOOW! Because it could get our tropes tangled up!"

"That's right. And it's never going to happen again, is it Cynthia?" she asked, still beating her sitspots.

"No mom! It won't ever happen again! I promise!!" she bawled.

"Alright, we're almost done." she said, stopping. "This last part is a reminder." she told her, pulling her underwear down.

"W-Wait! Don't pull down my panties!"

"We're finishing this spanking on your bare bottom, Cynthia." Sumia told her, raising the brush again and smacking her red cheeks.

  "OW-HOW-HOW-HOWIE!" she howled, her struggles doubling.

  Sumia held her down as she kept spanking, trying to include her sitspots while still getting the rest of her rear.

"OW! It hurts so bad mother!" she bawled

"I know, but iI'm doing this to teach you a lesson." Sumia told her firmly.

"OW! Mother, please! No more spanking!" she wailed, going limp.

Sumia finally stopped and looked at her daughter's backside as she put the brush down.

Cynthia's behind was a shade of red, quite similar to Morgan's but a bit lighter.

"Now, you're going to spend a few minutes in time out, understand?" she said, gently rubbing her back to calm her down.

"T-Time out?" she asked, disbelife in her voice.

"That's right." Sumia said with a nod. "You're going to sit in the corner until I say you can come out." she said in a gentle tone.

"SIT!? Mother, I can't SIT!" she exclaimed.

"Do I need to spank you even longer?" she asked sternly, quoting Robin and reaching for the hairbrush.

"N-No! T-Time out! I understand!" she said quickly, getting up and hurrying to the corner. She stared at the chair before swallowing hard.

"Come on, Cynthia. Sit down." Sumia said, looking at her.

"But... the chair is--" she began.

"Cynthia, maybe I didn't spank you hard enough. Could Lucina do it so you'd do as your told? Or maybe we should go ask Chrom about-"

"NO! NOT DADDY! I'll sit, just don't tell daddy! He'll spank me again!" she said, immideatly sititng in the chair.

] "That's better, Cynthia." Sumia said, nodding to her. "Now, you are going to stay there til I say so, understand?

"Okay..." she sniffled, pouting with her nose in the corner.

Sumia nodded again and watched her for a moment to make sure she stayed put.

Cynthia, despite glancing back once, didn't make any move to stand.

Sumia nodded and quietly stepped outside the tent for a moment.

  Robin was conviniently walking past at that moment, and looked up at her. "Oh, Sumia."

"Oh, Robin." Sumia said, looking over. "I... I just finished taking your advice."

"Oh? How did it go?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Well, it was difficult, but... I think it went well." she said, glancing back inside the tent.

"She's in time out?" he asked

"Yes... did I do everything right?" she asked, leaning aside for him to look in and check on her.

He peeked in, and saw the sobbing girl sitting on the chair before looking at Sumia and nodding.

"... Is it ever easier to do that to your child?" she asked after a moment.

"... Never. And it doesn't get easier." he said quietly.

"It was hard enough for me already." she sighed.

"Hopefully, she's learned enough not to let it happen again."

"Yes, though since she said Lucina's done it before, I get the feeling it's not a permanent fix." she said.

  "Point taken. Though its also possible she assumed Lucina WOULDN'T for fear that you and Chrom wouldn't aprove."

"Well, she said Chrom would spank her so I assume it's happened at some point. But I'm going to talk with both of them about how me and Chrom aren't going to settle for just scolding them anymore." Sumia told him.

"Sounds good. Also, I found that grounding them makes them cooperative for a bit longer.

  "Um, okay. What should I be grounding her from?" she asked after a moment.

"It depends on what she likes. Morgan isn't allowed to touch my strategy books anymore." he shrugged.

"Well, alright. I'll figure something out." she said. "How much longer should Cynthia be in time out?"

"As long as you want. I took Morgan out of it as soon as I finished talking to you."

["Alright. I guess I can go easy on her too." she said.

"Yeah. Its best not to punish them TOO much unless its absolutely necessary."

"If anything, I probably won't punish her enough." she said with a sheepish smile.

"Well Chrome will handel it too."

"He must be good at it for Cynthia to start pleading like she did." she said. "Actually... how are you so familiar with it?" she asked.

".....Er.... Um... Well... Uh...." he stuttered, a blush etching across his face.

Sumia titled her head, giving him a curious look.

"N-Nothing. That's absolutely irrelivant." he insisted.

"No, really. I want to know." she said, looking at him.

"No, there's no need for you to know." he said, turning to leave.

  "Robin, there you are." Said a new voice.

"Oh Panne. Hello." Sumia said, looking over at the Taguel.

"Oh, h-hello Panne!" he said, startled. "Were you searching for me?"

"Yes, actually. I was." she said, looking at him. Sumia just looked back and forth at the two.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking up at her.

"I was wondering if you had any idea where my beaststone is. Seems that SOMEONE misplaced it from my tent." she said.

He tensed up, swallowing hard. "I-I-I have no idea." he said.

"Really? Not even an idea of who I should be asking? Anyone who might've passed by sometime today?" Panne asked. Sumia watched them both in slight surprise.

"W-Well, Morgan might have done another one of her little pranks... That MIGHT'VE had something to do with your Beaststone but I handeled the situation." he said quickly.

"If you handled the situation, then I'd like to know where it is." Panne told him with a glare.

"Alright, alright, C-Calm down now. I'll go get your beaststone. No problems." he said, holding his hands up in defense.

"Good. Because you know what else I can hurt people with, and either your daughter or YOU will be my victims if I don't get it back." She warned him. Sumia gave Robin a frightened yet confused look.

"G-Got it! Sumia, I'll be back soon!" he said, running off towards Morgan's tent.

"Um, Panne?" Sumia said, speaking up. "Y-You don't have to get so violent." she said hesitantly.

"I'm just talking about our two taskmasters recieving a bit of corporal punishment." Panne answered, Sumia giving a confused look again.

After a minute, Robin exited the tent calmly and began walking toward them again, the Beaststone in his hand.

Panne just continued glaring and held her hand out for it.

Robin sighed in relife before handing her the stone. "Here you are. All is fine."

"Thank you. And I suggest you warn Morgan that I'm going to deal with her next prank myself." she told him before walking off. Sumia continued staring at him.

".... What?" he asked, looking over at her.

"Um, I'm a bit surprised that she frightens you of all people." Sumia said. "But, if I may, what's corporal punishment?" she asked.

"Spanking, why?" he asked, confused. Since to his knowledge, nobody said that word.

Sumia's eyes went wide. "P-Panne has spanked you and Morgan?!" she asked in disbelief.

"Oh, Gods be damned..." he groaned, facepalming.

"But you're... I mean you said she does it, but-" Sumia kept staring at him

"Yes, SHE'S where I got it from. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have a word with Gaius." he said, walking off.

  "Um, okay...?" she answered, staring a bit longer before shaking it off and going back inside to check on her daughter.

Cynthia was still in the corner, but seemed  bit used to the chair and was just pouting.

"Cynthia, you can come out now." Sumia said, looking at her.

  Cynthia slowly stood up and walked over, sniffling a bit and looking at her mom.

"Alright, come here and give me a hug." she said with a smile, holding out her arms.

  Cynthia smiled before leaping into her arms, hugging her tight.

Sumia giggled and hugged her back. "Now... please don't make me do that again." she told her.

Cynthia simply nodded, snuggling into her mom's hug.

"Now, Cynthia..." Sumia said, looking at her.

"Yes Mother?" she asked, looking up at her.

"To make sure you don't do this again... you're grounded." she said finally.

"GROUNDED!?" she shrieked.

"That's right, young lady." Sumia said with a nod.

"What do you mean grounded?!" she whined.

"I mean that you're not playing with anyone else for the week. It's training, and then straight to bed, understand?" Sumia asked her.

"But Motheeeer!" she whined, pouting and stomping her foot once, then folding her arms.

"If you want, it can be a week of spankings instead." Sumia said. "Lucina can show me how to do it, and maybe Chrom could take some time for it too."

"N-No! Its fine! Week of training and bed! Got it!" she said immideatly.

Sumia smiled and hugged her again, kissing her head.

Cynthia pouted and sighed. ".... Does that mean I have to go to bed now?"

"Yes it does." she said with a nod.


"... Do you want me to tuck you in?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes please, mother." she said, smiling back.

Sumia laughed at that. "Alright, come on then."

Fire Emblem- Good Parenting
Here's another Fire Emblem story! This one will almost always be possible for me since I always pair Chrom with Sumia. Always. Heh. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!

“Blake, can I PLEASE go to the party?!” Ruby asked for what had to be the ten thousandth time. Blake sighed and put her book down, glancing over at the 15 year old who was staring pleadingly at her.

“Ruby, I really doubt it’d be a good idea, since both Yang and Weiss said no.” she said.

“It’s not an adult club though! I won’t be doing anything inappropriate! It’s just a small party.” She insisted.

Blake sighed again and glanced at her, the two girls gazing at each other for a moment. “….. Fine.” She sighed, looking away and giving up.

“YAY! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU, BLAKE!” Ruby cheered, hugging her.

“You’re welcome.” She said, rolling her eyes. “We can spend a couple hours, but we’re not staying all night.”

“Got it! That’s fine with me!” Ruby nodded.

A short while later, the two girls had headed out to the party. It was just them since Weiss was busy doing homework and Yang was hanging out with her friends since she assumed Blake would keep an eye on Ruby. Blake intended to do just that for the evening, though Ruby genuinely seemed willing to behave for the night. The party wasn’t overly packed or anything, and it was mostly kids their age from Beacon or town. However, there was one thing that neither of the girls expected that would pose a problem.

They had a cookie buffet table.

There was literally a ten-foot long table that had various types of cookies on it, everything from chocolate chip to oreos to vanilla wafers. On top of that, there were also two chocolate fountains for the people who liked their cookies extra sweet. Ruby thought she was in heaven and practically floated towards the buffet… til a hard tug on her hood brought her back to reality and she fell on her butt. “OW!”

“Ruby, no.” Blake said flatly.

“B-But Blake-“


“I’ll only have a view-“


“What about just the-“


“But they have chocolate fountains!” Ruby whined, hugging her leg from the floor.

“….. Ruby, we’re going home.” Blake said, turning around.

“OKAY OKAY OKAY! I’ll leave the buffet alone! But please let me stay!” she said frantically.

“That’s better.” Blake said with a nod, looking at her.

“Kay…” Ruby sighed sadly, getting back up. “Oh hey, there’s Jaune! I’m gonna go say hi!” she said, running off.

Blake was about to call after her, but then saw the blonde-haired boy in the distance, and Ruby soon met up and started talking to him. She couldn’t quite hear due to everyone else talking and the music playing, but the two seemed to be doing alright. Briefly looking around, she caught site of Pyrrha talking with some guys, and over on the dance floor, Nora was practically throwing Ren back and forth as she held onto him, laughing her head off while Ren’s expression looked surprisingly frantic. Blake briefly smiled, realizing she’d have some help with Ruby before taking a seat in a corner of the room and taking out her book she’d brought along.

Shortly after, she saw Jaune come over and start getting some cookies. She blinked in surprise and looked around briefly. “Jaune?” she called over.

“WOAH!” Jaune yelled in surprise and nearly dropped half the cookies he’d grabbed, before looking at her. “Oh, uh hey Blake!” he said with a nervous grin.

“Where’s Ruby? Wasn’t she just talking to you?” she asked.

“Uh, yeah! She was. She’s off talking with Pyyrha.” He said, gesturing over to a far corner of the club.

“Alright… you wouldn’t mind helping me keep an eye on her while she’s here right?” Blake asked.

“Oh! No problem. I’ll let the rest of the team know.” He said with a grin.

“Kay…” Blake said, starting to go back to her seat before glancing back. “And Jaune?”

“Yeah?” he asked her, blinking.

“… Keep those away from Ruby.” She said, nodding to his cookies. “You don’t wanna see her on sugar.”

“Oh… uh, okay.” He said, slightly confused before walking off.

Blake nodded before taking her seat and starting to read her book again. A few minutes passed before she heard a voice call her. “Blake, over here.” Pyrrha called, waving her towards the table. Blake closed her book again before coming over.

“Hey Pyrrha, what’s up?” Blake asked her.

“Oh, just thought I’d say hi. I’m surprised you’re here.” She said.

“I’m mostly just here to keep an eye on Ruby. Yang was too busy to come.” Blake admitted with a smile.

“Oh well. I bet she’s having a lot of fun though.” Pyrrha said, getting some cookies as they talked.

“Most likely.” Blake shrugged, briefly looking around for her. She paused though when she noticed Pyrrha dipping ALL the cookies she’d gotten into one of the chocolate fountains. “Isn’t that a bit much?” she asked.

“Oh! Sorry, I… just have a thing for chocolate.” She said, blushing slightly.

“It’s alright.” Blake said with a smile. “Do me a favor. If you see Ruby, tell her we have half an hour left before I’m taking her home.”

“Okay, will do.” She said with a smile, taking her chocolate-coated cookies with her as she walked off. Blake nodded and went back to her chair again, before picking up her book and reading it AGAIN. In retrospect, she thought to herself, a party probably wasn’t the best place to catch up on some reading.

A little while later, she noticed Nora come by and go to the buffet, grabbing almost an armful of cookies. Blake briefly stared as the girl turned and smiled at her. “Hey Blake! What’s up?” she called.

“… That’s a lot of cookies.” She said after a moment, staring.

“Hey! Gotta get all the energy for a party like this from somewhere!” Nora said with a grin. Blake watched her walk off to the far side of the room with her haul.

She was about to go back to her book when something clicked in her head. Everyone from Team JNPR had gotten their own set of cookies… then gone back to the same corner of the building… with bigger amounts each time. Her eyes widened as she got up and quickly walked after her. After dodging past a few people, her fears were concerned. Sitting at a booth in the corner, Jaune and Pyrrha at her side, was Ruby, a few empty plates in front of her, covered with crumbs… as was her face. She glared and came over, looking at her. “Uh, h-hey Blake!” Jaune said nervously.

“What did you to do?” she asked with a frown.

“She said that she forgot to eat dinner.” Pyyrha defended.

“So instead you gave her at least 2 dozen cookies, half of them covered in chocolate?” Blake asked, giving the champion a glare.

“Uh… w-well…”

Blake rolled her eyes before looking at Ruby… who was unable to sit still since she was outright shaking. “Oh, uh hi Blake!” she smiled nervously.

“Ruby, what did I tell you when we came here?” Blake asked the twitching girl.

“I only had a couple!” she insisted.

Blake looked at her before grabbing a nearby glass of water. “Hold this.” She said, handing it to her. Almost as soon as Ruby took the glass, she started spilling water everywhere cause her hands were shaking too much to correctly hold the glass. “How many cookies you had was irrelevant. You had way too much sugar AND you lied to me.” She said with a glare.

“I-I didn’t lie! I didn’t talk to you since we got here!” Ruby tried.

“You had Team JNPR keep getting you snacks behind my back.” Blake said back.

“N-No I didn’t!” Ruby insisted.

“Here’s the rest of those cookies Ruby! I got you like ten of each kind!” Nora said, arriving and dropping her haul on the table. Ruby gave Blake a nervous look as the faunus stared her down like prey.

“Uh… Look at the time! Gotta go Blake!” Ruby cheered, ducking under the booth and taking off.

“RUBY!” Blake yelled, chasing after her. The two girls ran through the party several times, bumping into several people. Of course, neither of them had the chance to actually use their semblances with all the people in the way. That left a contest of speed….. with Ruby fueled by extra sugar. After a moment, she laid panting on the booth as Jaune and Pyrrha looked at her.

“Well, she’s gonna burn out of sugar soon.” Jaune said with a shrug, watching Ruby keep running around the party since she didn’t notice she’d outrun Blake already. Blake immediately glared at him since it was partly his fault anyway. “Uh, shutting up now.”

“Actually, it looks like everything’s okay.” Pyyrha blinked, pointing. Blake looked up to see Ruby had tried going back to the buffet to get more cookies, but had apparently been caught by Ren, who was now holding the girl off the ground by her hood. Blake sighed in relief before walking over.

“Ren, come on! Put me- EEP! REN, BLAKE’S COMING! PUT ME DOWN, PUT ME DOWN! HURRY!” she said, kicking frantically at seeing her teammate.

“Thanks a lot, Ren.” Blake nodded to him.

“No problem. I know how bad these things get.” He said, shrugging.

Blake nodded again before looking at Ruby. “YOU are in a lot of trouble, young lady.” She said sternly.

“… Sorry.” Ruby said, looking down like a sad puppy. Ren nodded and set her down, but just as he let go, Blake took Ruby by the ear. “OWIE! Blake, let go!”

“We are leaving, Ruby! Right now!” Blake said, dragging her out by the ear.

“OW OW OW! Blake, that hurts! I’m sorry!” Ruby whimpered.

“You’ll be a lot sorrier when we get back.” Blake said.

She continued holding her by the ear as they got back to Beacon, and then all the way back to their room. Currently, Yang and Weiss were still out though. “Blake, come on! My ear’s going numb!” Ruby whined. Blake finally let her go, closing the door behind them. “Oww… I said sorry.” She whimpered, rubbing her ear.

“Ruby, you deliberately disobeyed me.” She said, crossing her arms and giving her a look.

“I know.” Ruby sighed, looking down.

“Now, I doubt I can just send you to bed after all that sugar, so we’re trying another punishment.” She said, walking past her to the dresser.

“W-Wait, what kind of punishment?!” Ruby asked with wide eyes, staring at her. Blake turned back to look at her, smacking her black wooden hairbrush in her hand. “WAIT! Y-You don’t mean a spanking?!?!” she asked fearfully.

“I do.” Blake nodded. Ruby looked around worriedly. She could run for the door, but it was probably locked, so that’d take too long. Looking around… she also saw that the window was open. She looked back at Blake again, and the black brush in her hand. Yup, no contest.

Ruby turned and dove out the open window of her dorm room. “RUBY!” Blake yelled with wide eyes, quickly throwing Gambol Shroud. It managed to wrap around one of Ruby’s ankles before she went out the window, leaving her hanging out the window. “What are you doing?!”

“Noooo! Just let me fall!!!!!” Ruby wailed as Blake reeled her in and grabbed her.

“I can’t believe you!” she said, dragging her to the bed and sitting down before immediately draping the smaller girl across her lap. “What were you thinking?!” she asked, immediately spanking her hard and fast.

“OW OW OW!!! Blake, please! I don’t want a spanking! I’ll do anything!” Ruby howled, kicking her feet.

“Including diving out a window?! We’re five stories up!” Blake snapped, spanking her.

“OUCH! I-I would’ve lived through it!” she reasoned.

“What would Yang had done if she found out you dove out the window!?”

“OWIE! S-SHE’D BE UPSET!” Ruby whimpered, realizing what Yang’s reactions would’ve been (Upset translating to both worried, and then flame-on pissed).

“Exactly! Now you’re lucky I don’t tell her about what you did!” Blake said, stopping and lifting her skirt up. Blake couldn’t help but sweatdrop at what she saw.

“WAIT! Blake, not on my panties!” Ruby whined, kicking frantically with a blush on her face. Exposed for Blake to see her panties themed with different types of cookies: oreos, chocolate chip, frosted with sprinkles, about everything the buffet had.

“Ruby, you deserve a very hard spanking, and this will definitely help with that!” Blake said, smacking the hairbrush down on her pantyseat with a symphony of loud “CRACK!” noises.

“OWOWOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’M SORRY, I’M SORRY!!!!!” Ruby wailed, tears springing to her eyes as the sting felt like it quintupled from before.

“And what are you sorry for, Ruby?” Blake asked as she spanked.

“F-For jumping out the window! OUCH OUCH OUCH!” Ruby answered desperately.

“AND?” Blake asked with a frown as she suddenly paddled her helpless little sitspots.


“Answer me, Ruby.” Blake said sternly.

“OWIE! I- OW! I GOT JAUNE- OUCH! PYRRHA! OW-HOW! A-AND NORA! OUCHIES! TO BRING ME COOKIES! OW-HOW-HOW!!!” Ruby cried frantically, kicking harder as she frantically shook her rear to get it away from the smacks.

“Hold still, Ruby.” Blake said, pinning her legs between her own to stop her kicking as she kept spanking.

“B-BUT THAT BRUSH REALLY STINGS!” Ruby whined, giving a sob.

“Are you learning your lesson?” Blake asked.

“YES! YEE-HEEES!!!” Ruby answered frantically.

“Good, then we’re almost down.” Blake said, stopping for a moment.

“ALMOST!?!?!?!?” Ruby asked with wide eyes before she felt Blake grab the waistband of her panties and pull them down below her cheeks. “WAIT! BLAKE, PULL MY PANTIES UP!” she squealed, blushing as red as her attire.

“No Ruby. You’re little stunt before earned you a spanking on you bare bottom.” Blake said, rubbing her hairbrush across Ruby’s cheeks, which were already red, though not as bad as her sitspots (yet).

“But I don’t WANT a bare butt spanking!” Ruby cried. Blake sighed before slamming the brush on her helpless backside. “OW-HOWIE! I’M SORRY! I’M SORRRRRR-RRRRYYYY!”

“I know, Ruby. But you still need to be punished.” Blake told her as she kept spanking.

“WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!! NO MORE SPANKING, NO MORE SPANKING!!!” Ruby wailed. Blake didn’t answer, keeping track of the smacks in her head now. 30… 25… 20….. “BLAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKKKKKKEEE!!!!” Ruby bawled out in pain. 15… 10… 5….

Blake finally stopped at that point, Ruby having gone limp over her lap as she kept sobbing, her voice a bit hoarse from all her crying. Blake gently helped her up, the girl, sobbing and struggling to stand. Blake gave her a hug, and Ruby immediately returned the gesture, wrapping her arms tightly around her. “It’s okay, Ruby. We’re all done. You’re a good girl now, okay?” Blake said gently.

“K-Kay.” Ruby sobbed, crying into her shoulder. After a couple minutes, Ruby’s crying finally calmed down and she let go, rubbing her eyes with a fist.

“Now Ruby, I want you to get dressed for bed, okay?” Blake told her.

“Alright.” She sniffled, nodding. Blake nodded before she reached down and pulled up her panties. “OWIE! Blake, too soon!”

“You need to wear panties, Ruby. Now, go change.” Blake said, pointing to the bathroom.

“Fine… “ Ruby pouted, rubbing her butt as she got her PJs.

“And another thing, make sure you brush your teeth.” Blake said.

“Aww, why?” Ruby whined, looking at her.

“Because of all those cookies you ate.” Blake said plainly. Ruby rolled her eyes and went into the bathroom to change, though after she did so, she briefly turned with her back to her mirror. She then lowered the back of her PJs and her panties to check on her rear. It actually looked as red as the roses on her pants, though her sitspots were slightly better since they only got one dose of the brush. She pulled her clothes up with a wince and then looked at her brush. She really wasn’t one to brush her teeth, and eventually just settled for running it under the water for a minute. She then started to open the bathroom door… and saw Blake brushing her hair. At seeing the brush, her eyes widened before she quickly shut the door again. And locked it.

“Ruby, is something wrong?” Blake called to her.

“N-NO! Just forgot something!” Ruby called frantically before brushing her teeth as quickly as she could. Afterwards, she came out of the bathroom again, Blake having moved to lie on the bed again with her book. “… Blake?”

“Yes Ruby?” she asked, glancing over.

“… Do I HAVE to go to bed now?” Ruby asked, whining slightly.

“Yes, you do.” Blake said with a nod.

“……….. Blake?” she asked again.

“Yes Ruby?” Blake sighed.

“… Can I lay with you til I fall asleep?” she asked. Blake looked at her before sighing, with a smile this time. “Come here.” She said, moving over on the bed for her. Ruby smiled and immediately came over, lying down beside her and cuddling up next to her faunus teammate. Blake smiled and briefly patted her head before going back to her book.

A little later that night, Yang and Weiss were coming back to their room. “I can’t BELIEVE you got us thrown out of the library!” Weiss growled.

“Oh, I just gave you a slap on the back.” Yang said, waving it off.

“And made me throw five books off the balcony!” she said back.

“Then you shouldn’t have been carrying so many.” She shrugged.

“WHAT KIND OF LOGIC IS THAT?!” Weiss snapped, opening the door.

“Girls, quiet.” Blake said, looking over at her two louder roommates. Both of them looked over and blinked to see a sleeping Ruby curled up against Blake, who had one arm around her.

“Well, that’s a surprise.” Yang said, grinning at them.

“Why is Ruby sleeping with you?” Weiss asked, raising an eyebrow. Blake looked at them before reaching her hand around and lightly resting it on Ruby’s seat. She immediately whined and clung to Blake tighter in her sleep.

Yang snickered while Weiss facepalmed. “What did she do this time?” they both asked.

“Oh… you don’t need to worry about it.” Blake said, taking her hand away and hugging the sleeping girl close while she smiled at her.

RWBY- Party time
One more for RWBY! I guess my way of showing love for the show and happiness that Volume 2 is out! Anyway, slight AU again here. Hope you enjoy!

  "Morning, guys." Ruby yawned as she entered the kitchen, smiling. Blake glanced up at her, almost finished her breakfast and reading a book. She gave a small nod and returned to her business

Weiss looked over and simply rolled her eyes, focusing on her breakfast.

Ruby ignored this, her eyes lighting up when she saw her special bowl filled with cereal. She squeed and sat down, reaching for the sugar.... Before a spoon suddenly smacked her hand. "Owie!" she yelped, giving Blake a hurt look.

"It’s already sweet naturally. You don't need sugar." Blake said, giving her a look. Ruby then began to pout. "Stop it." Blake said in a warning tone, making Ruby huff and start stirring her cereal.

"Like any of us want to go through THAT again." Weiss muttered.

"Oh who asked you?" Ruby mumbled under her breath.

"You remember what happened last time." she said, glaring at her.

Ruby simply glared back before smirking and pushing her cereal closer to Weiss's plate. Then, she reached over behind her to grab something, though Weiss couldn't see.

Weiss didn't notice, having gone back to ignoring her.

Ruby grinned as she put the straw into her bowl before inhaling deeply and blowing into it. The milk bubbled up greatly, a good bit shooting right from the plate and into Weiss's plate.

"HEY!" Weiss yelped in surprise before glaring at her. "What are you doing!?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Guess I just didn't want too much sugar in my cereal," she said sarcastically. Across the table, Blake sighed

"Yeah, right! You're just making a mess, like always!" Weiss said.

"Like always?! What's THAT supposed to mean?!" Ruby asked angrily, glaring at her

"Just what I said! Everything you do causes messes, disorganization, and outright chaos!" she said, glaring back.

"That's not true!" Ruby yelled as Blake finished her food then stood.

"Yes it is! Just like at what you do every day!" Weiss yelled back at her.

"Nuh uh!"

"Yeah huh!"

Ruby continued arguing as Blake left before pausing and staring at the table. Someone was missing... A certain blond... And it was time for food.... With a frustrated sigh, Blake went upstairs and barged into Yang's room

Yang was lying on her bed, still in her pjs... with an uncorked bottle in her hands. "Oh, hey Blake." she smiled, looking over at her.

"Yang... What's in that bottle?" she asked, folding her arms

"Uh... some kind of fancy scotch." she shrugged. "I can't really pronounce the name."

"Yang, we were told not to drink in here."

"Oh, who's gonna know?" she asked, smiling at her.

"Nobody," she said, snatching it from Yang's hands. "Because you're not drinking it."

"Aww, come on Blake! Don't be such a stick in the mud!" she said, looking at her as she sat up.

"No." she said simply, walking out the door

"Hey! Get back here!" she said, running after her.

"Stop." Blake ordered, holding her hand out so Yang ran face first into it.

"OW! Hey!" she groaned, holding her face.

"You're not leaving this room. Its punishment for bringing liquor in here." Blake said bluntly

"You can't just do that though!" Yang said.

"Yes I can." Blake replied plainly

Yang groaned and stared at her.

"Grounded. Got it? Good." she said, closing the door. But then folded her arms and stared at it, waiting.

After a few seconds, Yang opened the door and stared at her in surprise. "Uh... thought you left."

"Uh huh." Blake said with a glare before setting the bottle down and starting to walk toward Yang.

"Blake, come on! This is so unfair!" she said.

"And I suppose you'll say neither is this." Blake said, grabbing her ear and dragging her in the room before lifting her up and dropping her on the bed. "Try again and I'm handcuffing you to the closet again."

Yang growled at her before pouting.

Blake rolled her eyes, leaving and heading to the kitchen.

Suddenly, there was a loud gunshot and a yell from Weiss.

Blake froze before groaning, setting the bottle down on the table before running to see what it was

Currently, Weiss was staring in shock at a hole in the floor while Crescent Rose was embedded in the wall. "NOW look what you did!"

"ME?! You grabbed Crescent Rose! YOU! Not me, YOU!" Ruby said back.

"It was YOUR stupid weapon!" Weiss said.


"Hey! Don't touch me, you stupid runt!" Weiss said, shoving her back.

"I'm not a runt, DUMBASS!" Ruby yelled, pushing her hard enough that she almost fell.

"ENOUGH." Blake said, giving them both a glare. Ruby froze, staring at her

Weiss also looked at her in surprise before pouting. "... She started it."

"Nuh uh, she did-- OWOWOWIE! Blake!" Ruby whined as Blake grabbed both by their ears.

"OUCH! Blake, let go of me!" Weiss said, trying to pull her off.

"No! I'm sick of all this. Rooms, both of you. Hairbrushes out." she said sternly. Ruby's eyes widened and she immediately went into begging mode. "NONONO! Not THAT!" she whimpered

"WHAT?! Come on, you're not doing that!" Weiss said, staring at her.

"Yes I am. Now both of you go. No arguing." she warned.

"But Blake--" Ruby began worriedly

"That's not fair! You can't just-"

Blake then spun both around and bent them over the couch before landing hard spanks on their butts. "OW OW OW OW! BLAAAAKE!" Ruby cried out

"OW-HOW! OUCH! BLAKE, STOP IT!" Weiss yelled.

I. SAID. DON'T. ARGUE. WITH. ME." she scolded, laying into their behinds.

"SORRY! SORRY! STOOOP!" Ruby whined

"FINE! WE WON'T ARGUE! THAT HURTS!"  Weiss groaned.

"Good. Now go." Blake said, standing them up and sending them off with a spank.

"OWIE!" Ruby yelped, running to her room

"YOW!" Weiss groaned, holding her rear as she walked off.

Blake groaned, pinching the bridge of her nose to stave off an oncoming headache before going to Weiss's room.

Weiss was pouting and sitting on her bed, an ivory hairbrush sitting next to her.

Blake shut the door before coming over and picking the brush up

"This really isn't fair. You're not my mom or anything." she said, giving her a look.

"We've gone through this before. Do you want to be difficult again? Remember what happened before?" Blake said, giving her a stern look

Weiss' eyes widened as she looked at her. "You wouldn't-"

"Yes. I would. You struggle too much and I will." she warned as she sat down

Weiss immediately scooted away from her in fear.

"Weiss. Over my knee." Blake ordered calmly. Though she WAS starting lose her patience

Weiss groaned and rolled her eyes, bending over.

Blake nodded before beginning to spank Weiss hard with the brush over her dress

"OW OW OW! Do you need the brush this early?!" Weiss asked, immediately yelping and kicking her legs.

"Yes. HOW many times have I warned you two about this?" she scolded as she spanked

"She started it though! You know she did!" Weiss said, squirming in pain.

"No, I don't. What happened?"

"She said that she wasn't always so destructive. Then she took out that weapon and tried showing off some stupid trick when she blew the floor open!" Weiss said with a frown.

"And how did that lead to YOU grabbing Crescent Rose? I heard that part." she said, spanking her sitspots.

"OW-HOW! I-I didn't!" Weiss lied badly, howling in pain.

"DO. NOT. LIE. TO. ME. WEISS. SCHNEE!" Blake scolded, punctuating each with a spank on her sitspots.

"OWIE!!!" Weiss squealed, squirming and trying to get up!

"I've told both you and Ruby that I want no more of this fighting! And you two do it anyway!" she scolded, continuing to spank her

"OW! But she started it!" she whined, trying to get away.

Blake sighed, just spanking hard and fast for a good three minutes before stopping

"... Owie....." Weiss sniffled, rubbing her eyes with a fist.

"You have thirty left, Weiss." Blake said, pulling her dress up and out of the way.

"Nooo! Not thirty, not my panties!" she begged, trying to cover up her white panties with different colored snowflakes.

"Weiss, stop." Blake said sternly, slapping her hand away

"But I don't want any more spanks!" she sobbed.

"Then you should have behaved. Now, anymore struggling and you're going into the diaper position. Understand?"

"No fair." she sniffed, holding still.

"You want to see fair? Fine." Blake said, tugging her panties down.

"NOOO! How is that fair?!" she whined, blushing bright red.

"Because you should know better." she said flatly, whacking away at her cheeks.

"WAAAH! I'm sorry, I'm sorry! No more hairbrush spanking!" Weiss wailed.

"After this, you're grounded Weiss! No leaving this room unless I say so for ANY reason." Blake scolded, going on to spank her sitspots after 15 to her cheeks.

"That's not fair! You can't ground me!" she said, still squirming.

"NOT FAIR? Okay. Then let's REALLY see not fair." Blake said, standing her up before making her lay on the bed and lifting her legs up and resuming the spanking with Weiss in the diaper position.

"NOOO! BLAKE, STOP IT!" she cried, struggling.

Blake ignored this, landing fifteen spanks immensely hard on Weiss's exposed sitspots.


Blake rolled her eyes and landed two more before stopping, standing Weiss up and hugging her. "Okay Weiss... The spanking is over."

Weiss held her tight and sobbed into her shoulder, trying to calm down.

"Now... I'm sorry I had to do that Weiss. Are you going to make me do it again?" she asked gently.

"Mm-mm." Weiss sniffled, shaking her head.

"Good... Now I have to go deal with Ruby. Now, I don't want you leaving this room for any reason. Understand?" she asked. "Any. Reason. At. All."

"B-But what about-"

"About. What?" Blake sighed, facepalming.

"I didn't even finish breakfast." she admitted childishly, glancing down.

"..... After I handle Ruby, I'll bring you some food. But I don't want any of you making a habit of eating in your room. Okay?" she asked, a slightly amused look on her face

"Fine....." she said, pouting and rubbing her butt before looking at her. "Thanks."

"You're welcome Weiss." Blake said, exiting the room. "Now.... For Ruby." she sighed, heading to the younger girl's room.

Ruby whimpered, hands in her lap as she ran through what she planned to do when Blake entered. First, puppy eyes. Should that fail, pleading. Should THAT fail, pleading AND puppy eyes! Though her black and red hairbrush was beside her anyway.

Blake came into the room and looked at Ruby before walking over and grabbing her hairbrush.

Ruby immediately dropped to her knees, looking up at Blake with the cutest puppy dog face she could make.

"Ruby, stop it." she told her flatly.

"PLEASE! Please don't give me a spanking, Blake!" she tried

"Ruby, you know that I can't ignore what you and Weiss did." Blake said, patting her lap. "Now come here."

"Pleeeeeeeeease?" she tried again, now pleading with the puppy eyes on

"Ruby, you are in a lot of trouble. Now come here for your spanking." she said.

"But--" she started

"Ruby, you're already getting extra. Don't make it worse." she told her.

"EXTRA?! What?! Why?!" she cried, worried

"What was that word I heard you say?" she asked, looking at her.

".... Shit..." she swore under her breath as she remembered that

"That's even more swearing spanks." Blake told her.

"But Blake!" she whined, hands covering her butt

"You know how Yang and I feel about that language. Do you want me to give you to her instead?" she asked.

"NO! She'll use the belt again!" Ruby pleaded. She was STILL mad about Yang having spanked her in front of Weiss and Blake for swearing, despite that she only did it because the three of them had.

"Then come over my lap. You can't say it won't be better than her." Blake said.

Ruby whimpered before slowly doing so.

Blake nodded before beginning to spank the poor girl with the black and red brush, painful smacks filling the room.

"OW! OUCH! OW-HOW! B-Blake I'm sorry!" Ruby whined, squirming

"Ruby, hold still." she said, still spanking.

"But it stings! OWIE!" she cried, kicking

"You and Weiss have both been warned about arguing with each other." she said, holding her down.

"I knoooow!" she whimpered.

"Then why is it still happening?" she asked, spanking her sitspots.

"OWIE!! Not there, Blake!" Ruby cried. "That stings!"

"That's what hairbrush spankings do, especially when you swear." Blake told her.

"OWIE! Blake, please! Not swearing spanks!" she sniffled

"You're going to get half a spanking worth of swearing spanks, Ruby." she said before stopping to pull up her skirt.

"NOOOOO!!" Ruby cried, trying to run as her red kitten-print underwear was exposed.

"Ruby, hold still." Blake said, keeping her over her lap as the matching brush gave her panties the swearing spanks that Ruby had quickly learned stung like nothing else.

"OW OW OW-HOW!!! Blake NOOOOO!" Ruby wailed, trying to force herself up as tears began falling. "Not swearing spanks on the panties!"

"Ruby, you better hold still. You know this can get worse." Blake told her, though she could still pin her herself at the moment.

"But it huuurts!" she bawled, kicking around fiercely

"Ruby, what happens when you don't take your spanking like a good girl?" she asked, hoping some spanks to her thighs would help her focus.

"OWIE! Not the thighs!" she sobbed, not answering and still trying to run

"Alright, that's enough." she sighed, stopping and taking her panties down.

"NOOO! Not bare bottom! I'll stop! Really!" she begged, trying to pull them back up

"It's more than bare bottom. Remember what happens now?" she asked, pushing her hand away.

"NOT THAT!" she cried, instantly worrying again

Blake pulled her onto her feet and then bent her over so she was touching her toes. She then started spanking from her cheeks all the way to her thighs and back up, all of them swearing spanks. "Remember Ruby, as soon as you break position, it all starts over." Blake warned her.

"OW OW OW OW! Blake, I hate thiiiis!" she complained

"If you can't hold still on your own, then you obviously still need to learn a lesson." Blake said, the swearing spanks painted Ruby's butt a deep shade of red.

"WAAAAAAAH! I'm sorry!" she bawled, shaking her butt to try to avoid some of the spanks

All this did was give Blake a better target, as instead of spanking in a circle, more and more spanks kept hitting the same cheek, sitspot, or thigh instead of the opposite. "Sorry for what, Ruby?"

"For arguing with Weiss! OWIE! And swearing! I'll be good!" she sobbed, crying loudly

Blake nodded and stopped. "You may stand up now Ruby." she said finally.

Ruby immediately did so, rubbing her aching butt.

Blake put the hairbrush down and came over to give the girl a hug.

Ruby sobbed, hugging her tight and crying into her chest.

Blake hugged her and let her calm down.

"S-Sorry..." she sniffled, still crying

"It's okay. You're forgiven now." she told her.

Ruby nodded, looking back at her rear.

Ruby's butt was a dark shade of red that matched her dress, going from her cheeks all the way down to her thighs.

Ruby groaned, rubbing lightly

"Now Ruby, you're grounded. You're not supposed to leave this room until further notice." she told her.

"But.... But..."

"Your butt?" she asked, holding the hairbrush. "Well, if I need to spank you more-"

"NOOO! No hairbrush! No brush spanks!" Ruby wailed, clinging to her

"Then you're grounded. Understand?" she asked her.

"Yes Blake..." she sighed

"That's better. I'll tell you when you can come out, alright?" she told her.

"Okay." she sighed

Blake nodded before heading out of Ruby's room and closing the door. She then sighed as it hit her. "Great, I'm the only one who can do anything today." she realized.

All of a sudden, a shattering noise came from the kitchen

"Oh what now?" she groaned, heading back to the kitchen.

Yang stared at her, frozen, the bottle of liquor shattered on the ground as though she dropped it. "Oh... Uh, hey, Blake..."

"Yang... what did I tell you before?" she asked, staring at her.

"... Uh... I can explain...?" she tried, slowly backing out of the room

"Don't bother." she said, walking over and outright taking her by the ear!

"OW! Hey, let go!"

"I said that you were grounded, remember?" she asked, taking her back to her room.

"Wait! I'm sorry! Let go!" Yang said worriedly

"How many times do we need to have this talk about alcohol?" she asked, taking Yang to her bedroom and closing the door.

"W-Wait! Blake! Wait!!"

Blake simply bent Yang over the bed before taking the ribbon from Gambol Shroud and using it to tie her hands behind her back. She then grabbed her biker shorts and pulled them to her knees.

  Yang's eyes widened as her yellow flame underwear was exposed. "NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!"


RWBY- A Sore Morning
This warrents a bit of explaination. I kind of wrote this one slightly AU since they're all in a small house rather than just a room. So that's how they're going into different rooms and such. Hope you enjoy!

I don't own RWBY. It's owned by Roosterteeth!

“YANG!!!! LEMME GO!!!” Ruby squealed, struggling to fight off her sister.

“Say uncle first, sis!” Yang grinned.


Weiss stared as she came downstairs to see both of the sisters struggling, the occasional flash of red cloth going past a mess of blonde hair. “W-What are they doing?” Weiss asked hesitantly.

“The same thing they’ve done all morning.” Blake shrugged, reading her book.

“Y-Yeah, but-“

“YANG! STOP TICKLING ME!” Ruby howled. Weiss blinked in disbelief before frowning and walking off with a growl.

“Aww, relax! You went to the bathroom already!” Yang grinned before pinning her sister as a shoe soon flew over the couch, landing by Blake.

“NOOOO! NOT MY FEET!” Ruby squealed, laughing harder as she tried to squirm.  Yang just held her down and kept tickling. “UNCLE! YANG, UNCLE! COME ON, HAVE MERCY!!!” she begged.

“Alright… all done.” She cheered, getting up and walking off with a smile, Ruby falling off the couch lifelessly as she panted with tears in her eyes.

Blake sighed at her as she got up and looked at her. “Why didn’t you ask for help?” she asked.

“W-Was that allowed?” Ruby asked in a daze.

“I was right here the whole time.” She shrugged, holding up her book.

“Oh… sorry Blake, didn’t notice.” She said, setting her head down.

Blake sighed as she got up and left, going to her room.

“Hey Blake! What’s up?” Yang asked, leaning in her bedroom doorway.

“You really shouldn’t pick on her like that.” Blake said, shaking her head as she waited for her to move.

“It’s just a bit of fun. She enjoys it.” She shrugged.

“She was begging you to stop.”

“While laughing!” Yang smiled.

“And crying.” Blake deadpanned. “Now can I get in my room or no?” she asked.

“Fine. Just wanted something real quick.” She said, heading out with her hands behind her back.

Blake blinked and tried to see but Yang quickly ran off first. She sighed and went in before closing the door. About fifteen minutes later, however, she heard the familiar squeals and begging from Ruby. She sighed and came back down to check on her… only to find Ruby being dressed up by Yang. What’s more, she had a good portion of Weiss’s outfit, along with a few other items of clothing, and she showed up just as Yang tied a bow in her hair with a familiar black ribbon. “Yang… what are you doing now?” she sighed.

“She’s a maid!” Yang cheered proudly. “See?! It looks just like a maid outfit!”

“Yang…” Ruby whined, trying to reach up and untie the bow only for Yang to hold her arms to her side.

“… You could’ve at least asked before borrowing those.” Blake said.

“But she’s so adorable like this!” Yang smiled. “Come on! Go get a camera!”

“Yang!” Ruby whined again, trying to run.

“Don’t worry, I’ll get one! Wait right there, Blake!” Yang said, running after her.

“Wait for what?” Blake blinked. She rolled her eyes and sat down to reach for the tv remote when she heard Ruby squeal, groaning again.




Blake sighed and couldn’t help but sigh, letting her head rest in her hands until she finally heard sweet silence. She sighed and relief and looked up… only to find herself staring at a rather interesting photo being dangled in front of her face. It had a blushing Ruby looking back in surprise from the floor, her skirt way up so Blake could see all of her bottom clad in lollipop panties.

“Cute, huh? I couldn’t believe she still wears those!” Yang smiled, holding several more pictures in her free hand, an old-time instant-developer camera hanging around her neck. “You gotta see the rest of these!” she added, looking through them.

“Yang, I don’t care.” Blake said simply.

“Aww, come on!  Her face turns the most adorable shade of red in this one!” she said, holding up another.

“YANG!!! YOU SAID YOU WOULDN’T SHOW ANYONE!!!!!” Ruby squealed, blushing and staring at her sister and Blake from in the door way.

“Oh, stop worrying. They won’t tell.” Yang smiled at her.

“Alright, that’s it.” Blake sighed, getting up and taking Yang by the ear.

“OW! OW OW OW! JEEZ, BLAKE! Take it easy!” she winced, leaning over and dropping her pictures.

“Come on, Blake. We need to talk.” She said, leading her teammate up to her bedroom.

“Okay, okay! Just let go already! These ears are the only ones I have!” Yang groaned, finally being let up as she straightened onto her feet.

“Yang, this is getting ridic-“

“Say cheese!” Yang smiled, taking a picture of Blake and nearly blinding her with the flash, Blake groaning and rubbing her eyes. “Oh. Was I supposed to say milk or something instead?”

Blake looked up with a groan before snatching the camera away from her . “Yang, that’s enough already!” she said.

“Fine, fine. Sheesh, who put a bee in your undies?” Yang shrugged.

“Yang, you and Ruby have been causing a racket all day long.” Blake said.

“So? We’re just playing.” Yang told her.

“You’re playing has been the loudest and ONLY noise I’ve heard since I got up.” She said back.

“It’s fun. Maybe you and Weiss would get it if you did that more.” Yang said, trying to tug at her ears.

“Ruby doesn’t seem to like it either.” She said, slapping her hand away.

“Oh, she’s always been like that. It’s just our way of playing!” Yang grinned.

“Well I think you two have to be done playing for now. It’s getting disruptive, and Ruby could use a break.” Blake said.

“Fine, I’ll go easier on her from now on. Now- YOW!” Yang howled as Blake tugged her back by her golden lockes.

“Not easier, done.” Blake said.

“She’s my sister, not yours! And let go already!” Yang whined, Blake leading her to the bed by a fistful of hair.

“Yang, if you won’t leave Ruby alone, I’ll have to deal with you myself.” Blake said, looking at her.

“Oh, come on! You’re not my mom!” Yang said, looking at her. Blake just gave her a look before sitting on the bed and dragging Yang over her lap. “H-Hey! Blake, wait a minute!”

“Stop picking on Ruby, Yang.” Blake said before reaching over and grabbing her black hairbrush.


She then tapped it on Yang’s rear, which made her start squirming. “W-Wait a minute! What are you doing with that?!” she asked worriedly. Blake just gave her a bored look before smacking her rear. “OW! BLAKE!”

“You should be nicer to your little sister.” Blake said, smacking over and over.

“OW! OW-HOW! Blake, I don’t want a hairbrush spanking!” she whined, struggling.

“Then you should’ve stopped causing trouble.” Blake said.

“Ow ow ow! BLAKE!” Yang whined, kicking her feet.

“What is it, Yang?” she asked, pausing.

“This isn’t fair! You can’t spank me!” she pouted.

“I think I can.” Blake said with a smack on her sitspots.

“OWIE! Oh, come on Blake!” she groaned.

“I’ll stop spanking when you leave Ruby alone.” Blake told her.

“But that’s not fair! You can’t do this!” Yang whined, kicking her feet.

“Maybe this will persuade you.” Blake said, stopping and grabbing her shorts.

“BLAKE! WAIT! NOT THAT!” she whined, her face turning bright red. Blake then pulled them down to show her red shotgun shell panties.

“I warned you.” Blake shrugged.

“Blake, this is embarrassing! Pull them back up!” Yang begged.

“Now you know how Ruby felt.” Blake said, paddling her with the brush again.

“OW OW OW OW! Blake, it stings!” she squealed, kicking harder.

“I’d imagine it does.” She scolded, spanking her as she held her down.

“OWIE! OWIE! BLAKE, STOPPIT!” Yang whined, reaching her hands back to cover her rear, only for Blake to pin them to her back. Even worse, she then bound them with Gambol Shroud. “NO FAIR!!!!!” she whined, struggling.

“You’re only making this worse, Yang.” Blake said, spanking her barely covered sitspots.

“OW! OW-HOW! Blake, I’m begging you!” she whimpered, biting her lip.

“Funny, I heard Ruby doing the same thing.” Blake said as she spanked. “You didn’t stop for her!”

“YOUCH! B-But she always does that!” Yang defended.

“Well I think that it’s about time you learned to listen to her.” Blake said, taking her panties down to her knees with her shorts.

“BLAKE!” Yang whined like a little girl.

“Now, we’ll stop after you count out 20 spanks.” Blake told her, smacking her red bottom.

“OW! 20?!” she asked with wide eyes.

“Or more if you don’t count. It’s up to you.” Blake shrugged, swatting her again.

“Owie! O-Okay! Two, three, four-“

“You’re wrong, Yang. You didn’t count the first one, so these don’t count.” Blake said.

“Aww, come on! That’s not fair! OW-HOW!” Yang whined, hanging her head.

“Here. We’ll try again.” Blake said, giving her a hard smack.

“OW! ONE!” Yang yelled.

“Good. Now keep going.” She said, alternating cheeks.

“OUCH! TWO, THREE! YOW!!! FOUR, FIVE, SIX! OW-HOW! SEVEN! OWIE! EIGHT, NINE! OWIE! TEN!!!!” Yang wailed, counting aloud as she cried and squirmed over the fauna’s lap. She then squealed in pain and her eyes widened as the smacks hit her sitspots instead. “BLAKE!!!!! OWIE! W-WAIT, SLOW DOWN! ELEVEN, TWELVE, THIRTEEN-“

“Just stay focused, Yang.” Blake said, paddling her sitspots.

“FOURTEEN, FIFTEEN! EEK! SIXTEEN, SEVENTEEN! OW-HOW-HOW!!! EIGHTEEN, NINETEEN, TWENTY!!!!!” Yang howled, going limp over her knee.

“Alright, now come on.” Blake said, helping her up and walking her to a corner of the room.

“Aww, come on. I’m too old for a timeout.” Yang whimpered, trying to reach down and rub her bottom with her bound hands.

“You’re going to wait there til I tell you to come out. Leave early, and we can do it again with the belt.” Blake warned her. Yang whined and stomped a foot, her shorts and panties still at knee level while her bright red cheeks could be seen where her bright yellow hair ended. “That’s better.” She nodded, walking off. She then noticed the camera Yang had been wearing before and picked it up before looking at the sore-bottomed blonde and taking a picture.

“HEY! W-What was that?!” Yang asked, trying to look back.

“Just a little something to show, Ruby.” Blake said, taking the picture.

“No fair!!!” Yang whined, squirming some more.

“Just wait there, I’ll be back later.” Blake said, walking out and closing the door. Yang groaned and muttered under her breath before stiffening as the door suddenly opened again. “By the way, I’ll still be able to hear you. Ears, remember?” Yang whined as Blake left and shut the door again.

RWBY- Sisterly Love
Just a short story for fun. RWBY belongs to the amazing Roosterteeth, not me, hope you enjoy. Not much else to say.
Hey, been awhile since I made a Journal cuz... well, I had no need to. Just wanna say a few things. Progress with stories might be slow, because my son of bitch, asshole stepfather has moved in with us. He ruined ALOT of my life, and I want him out. Sadly, my mom is a kiss ass to him so he refuses to leave and my mom is ok with it despite ALL of her kids, except possibly(a three year old, no less) wishing we lived somewhere else.  I don't honestly have anywhere to go since I have no job right now. Nor do I have money. So I can't leave despite that I badly want to. Now that the useless rant is out of the way, down to real matters.

I have ALOT of stories I could potentially post. Not to say that I will stop posting the ones I am, but wondering which to post next. I have a ton of Disgaea stories I can post. I also have alot of Persona stories, though they have an actual storyline that I'm too lazy to write. Or that I need help writing because I don't know how to begin the story. I also have Kingdom Hearts stories(mostly about Kairi and Yuffie) and MLP stories. Before anything, I'm not a brony. PLEASE do not call me that. I have nothing against them but I don't like being called that because honestly, I just know the characters and I don't really like watching the show.

So tell me, what should I post next? I'm gonna be posting alot of whatever it is before I post any other series though. So that's why I ask.
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