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“Woah!” Wakka yelped as his ball was shot out of his hands as Yuna ran up to him and kicked him, knocking him on his back.

“Alright! Way to go, Yunie!” Rikku cheered.

“Wow, you’ve gotten a lot better at this, ya?” Wakka grinned, rubbing his head.

“I had a lot of fun, Wakka.” Yuna smiled, helping him out.

“You’re beating everyone, Yunie! You’re amazing!” Rikku told her cousin.

“Rikku, please.” Yuna blushed, looking aside.

“Hey, why don’t you fight Paine next?!” she cheered, looking at their friend who was sitting under the bridge.

“Hmph. I’ll pass.” She said, plainly.

“Rikku, I wanna take a break now. You can fight someone if you want.” Yuna said, sitting down.

“Aww, fine.” Rikku sighed, sitting and pouting next to her while Wakka walked off with a wave.

“Phew… this is pretty fun though.” Yuna smiled at her cousin.

“Yeah… and that’s why Paine should play! She doesn’t have nearly enough fun!” she said.

“Rikku.” She scolded quietly. Rikku just pouted at her. Yuna looked over and saw her friend giving them both a look. “Paine, we can fight whenever you want to fight.” She said kindly.

“No thanks… I prefer not entering pointless fights.” She said, glancing aside.

“And what does that mean!?” Rikku asked, getting back up.

“Rikku, that’s enough!” Yuna said, holding her cousin’s hand.

“Fine… Yunie, can I play with your BB shooter?” she asked suddenly.

“Rikku……” Yuna said warningly.

“Aww, come on! I got better with the firecrackers now! I haven’t pulled any pranks with them!” she said. “Please! I just wanna see it!”

“Alright, but be careful.” She said, giving it to her.

“Yes! Thanks Yunie!” Rikku cheered, taking it and looking around. Yuna lied down to relax and closed her eyes while Rikku grinned and started looking around. She started pointing at random objects and pretending to shoot them, making “Pew! Pew!” noises.  She shot at some passing birds, coconuts from nearby trees, Yunie’s head… then when she turned at Paine, she accidentally pulled the trigger. The gun went off and she actually hit Paine square in the side of her head, knocking her to the ground.


Rikku’s eyes widened and her face turned bright red before she ran off, quickly dropping the gun in Yuna’s lap. She looked up at it in surprise before turning to her cousin who bolted for the trees. “Rikku?”

“WHAT WAS THAT FOR!?” Paine snapped at her. Yuna looked over in surprise and saw a very angry Paine glaring at her, a red mark on her right temple. “That’s it! You’re getting hurt!” she said, running for her.

Yuna’s eyes widened and she quickly took off. “P-Paine, wait!” she squealed frantically, Paine almost immediately catching her and shoving her to the sand.

“I just said I didn’t wanna fight!” she yelled, pinning her.

“I-I know! It was an accident! I didn’t do it!” she said desperately.

“You’re the one with the gun!” she pointed out, immediately slamming her hand down hard on her rear.

“OW-HOW! W-Wait, Paine! Don’t spank me, please!” Yuna begged.

“SHUT UP!” Paine snapped, wailing on her rear.

“OWIE! It wasn’t me, I swear!” Yuna yelped, kicking her feet as smack after smack landed on her poor butt.

“If you didn’t shoot me, then who did!?” she asked.

“I-It was Rikku! I didn’t do it!” Yuna tried to explain.

“Rikku already left, Yuna!” she said, hitting harder. And getting her sitspots at that.

“OWOWOWOW!!! Paine, please!” Yuna cried out, trying to reach her hands back. Paine pinned them both to her back and kept spanking. “OWIE!”

“You were the only one here, and you’re the only one with a BB shooter!” she yelled at her, spanking as well.

“BUT IT WASN’T ME!!!” Yuna wailed, starting to tear up. Just then, Paine pulled her onto her feet and started fooling with her pants. Yuna watched while sniffling before realizing that Paine was taking her belt off. “PAINE, WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” she asked fearfully, blushing as her skirt tail and pants fell down past her knees. She immediately tried to cover her blue ocean wave panties with her hands while Paine doubled over the small plastic belt in her hand. She then bent Yuna under her arm and took the panties down to join her pants at her legs. “Please! Don’t!” Yuna whimpered, futilely kicking her feet as much as she could with her clothes tangling around her ankles.

“You put a mark on me, now I’m doing the same to you!” Paine said. She then cracked the belt over Yuna’s pink cheeks. It didn’t hurt anywhere near as bad as her dad’s belt since it wasn’t as big or hard, but it still stung.

“OW-HOW-HOW! Not that! Don’t whip me!” Yuna begged, both her feet flying up in response.

“No! I think our little princess needs to get a real spanking!” she said, smacking over and over.

“OWIE! YOW! No I don’t! I don’t need a real spanking!” she cried, tears pouring down her face.

Paine just continued belting her friend, each smack accompanied by a loud crack, Yuna’s howls, and a kick of her bare legs. She could see red lines forming over her bottom. “Now, are you going to shoot me with my back turned again?” she asked, giving a lick on her sitspots.

“WAAAH!!! No I won’t! I won’t shoot at you anymore!” she howled, more concerned with the spanking ending then with proving her innocence.

“Good! Cause next time, it’s going to hurt even worse!” Paine said, whipping faster.

“OWIE! OW-HOW-HOWIE!!! OKAY! OKAY! NO MORE!!!” Yuna bawled, crying like a baby.

Paine nodded and dropped Yuna on her hands and knees, tossing her plastic belt by her side before walking off without a word.

Yuna laid there sobbing for a bit, before reaching back to rub her aching rear. She immediately winced and took her hand away, a slightly gentler touch confirming for her that there were lots of small stripes from her belt. She slowly pulled her panties up, though that made it burn even more and she sobbed anew.

Rikku had come back after seeing Paine leave and felt bad for her cousin. She slowly came over and knealt down to hug her, Yuna immediately hugging her back. “I’m sorry, Yunie…” Rikku said quietly. Yuna hugged her for a bit longer before she managed to calm down.

Yuna finally reduced herself to the occasional sniffle and let go, rubbing her eyes with a fist as she slowly pulled her pants up, giving another yelp at the rough jeans. “Uh, here you go.” Rikku said, holding out her belt. Yuna timidly took it, hesitant to put it back on after the pain it inflicted on her rear, but then did so anyway, though it was still a bit uncomfortable to have tighter jeans.

“So… sorry about that.” Rikku said with a small shrug. Yuna looked at her cousin with a pout.

“Sorry?! Paine just whipped me in public cause of you!” she said with a frown.

“H-Hey, it was an accident! I didn’t shoot her on purpose!” Rikku said, holding her hands up.

“Rikku…” she glared at her, grabbing her gun.

“Uh….. well, I guess I should go home now! S-See you later!” Rikku said, quickly backing up.

“Rikku, that’s it!” Yuna yelled, getting up after her.

“Sorry! W-We’ll laugh about this one day!” she called back before yelping as Yuna shot her in the rear. “OWIE! Yunie!”

“How do you like having your butt attacked for no reason!?” Yuna yelled angrily, chasing her and shooting again.

“OUCH! I said I’m sorry! You’re supposed to forgive me! YEOW!”

“I’LL FORGIVE YOU WHEN YOU CAN’T SIT DOWN EITHER!!!” Yuna yelled, continuing to chase her around the island and stinging her rear with her shots.

Destiny Islands- Yuna's Blame
Here, another in this series :P Got quite a few to upload but gonna do so sparingly. Hope you enjoy.

Juri sighed boredly as she walked along down the more or less empty road. Her travels had been getting rather boring lately cause she had met very few people here who were even fighters, let alone someone she could have a real fight with. Just when she felt about ready to scream though, she heard familiar sounds of violence. Upon turning a corner, she found several adults huddled around someone.

"Ever try to steal from us again and we'll do WORSE!" a big thug-looking one shouted, swinging his leg back and kicking hard.

"Damn little thieving rat! Our food belongs to us, you piece of shit!" another snapped, raising his foot and stomping on the person in the middle of them. Other followed similar comments, and actions before the big thug kicked again, sending the person flying out of the small circle and into the wall. It was a white haired little kid, which looked pretty feminine but the cry they let out when they hit the wall pretty much told Juri it was a boy. Albeit a very young one but still. His clothes, which were really just a green hoodie and a pair of white shorts, were somewhat ragged and torn up, and he had several bruises and cuts, and was bleeding from the head after connecting with the wall. He groaned and held the back of his head, curling up before another of them moved forward and kicked him in the stomach again, as though he were kicking a football. The little kid actually caughed up BLOOD at that one.

Juri stared with wide eyes and, despite a good piece of her feeling glad she could fight someone again, their was a rage that currently surpassed that. She quickly rushed forward before holding her arm out and practically clotheslining the big thug from behind, now standing between the kid and them.

"Who the fuck is this bitch?" the one who kicked the kid second asked, staring in shock. The big thug got up and glared at her.

"Filthy slut... YOU'LL REGRET THAT!" he yelled, throwing a punch at her. Juri simply caught his arm mid-swing and looked at him with a dark grin.

"Oh, keep going. Talk dirty to me." she smiled before driving her fist into his chest. He let out a wheeze that slowly turned into a squeek of pain one would expect from a mouse on helium before falling flat on his back. His friends stared at him in shock. "Now... anyone else want me to get close and personal?" she smiled, casually walking toward them. They stared, before looking at each other, and then all jumping at her. "Four on one, my favorite odds." Juri grinned, and her left eye seemed to glow for a moment. Five minutes later, a couple broken bodies were laying scattered on the ground, the least injured one being the one she hit first, who was still unconcious. Juri smiled at what she'd done to them before blinking and looking behind her at the boy.

The boy was staring up at her in slight awe, eyes a bit wide(though one was swollen shut now). Juri stared back at him for a moment, before shrugging and starting to walk off. The kid just watched, slowly standing himself.


A few hours later, Juri was leaning against a ruined building, stretching and taking a chance to rest her legs. The boy hadn't really crossed her mind since she left. The thugs had, but only cause she was getting bored and felt like she'd done her fight too quickly. Suddenly, something broke the quiet that was around her. A small twig snapping behind her. Juri blinked before getting up and glaring in the direction of the sound. Standing there, instead of anyone she'd expect like Chun Li or one of the thugs... Was the little kid. Just standing there staring at her. "... Ugh. What do you want?" she asked, looking at him. He didn't say anything, just looking up at her. Honestly he was just barely at her waist.... And he didn't talk. "Look, I don't need some dead weight following me. Get lost." she said, turning and starting to walk away. She heard the footsteps following her, so she knew he was still coming. "Look, what is your problem?!" she asked, turning around. Again, no response.  "Okay, is there something wrong with you? Did you take one too many blows to the head or something?!" she snapped at him. He just stared up at her, before walking a bit closer. "Back off." she said bluntly, stepping back. He ignored the warning, still walking towards her as though she didn’t say it at all. "Do you really think I won't hit a kid?!" she snapped at him, raising a fist. This time, he flinched back, looking worried and fearful. ".... Son of a… " Juri  groaned before suddenly turning and running off.  He watched before running after her.  Juri swore under her breath before going faster, more thn confident she had better physical prowess on her side.

The kid eventually did lose speed once they got into a busier part of town, and he stopped, panting. "Finally!" Juri said, continuing through the town without waiting for him.  About an hour went by with no sign of the kid, and no trouble.... Sadly. Since she actually liked trouble. But oh well.  Juri groaned before eventually walking into an alley. "Uh, this place has no way for me tohave fun..... AT ALL!" she yelled, punching a small hole in a nearby wall.  Suddenly, a thud was heard from beside the wall, allong with some cheering. Juri blinked before grinning and walking towards the cheers. A group of people were standing like earlier, except a much larger group this time, that looked like a gang. And beating up on someone.... Sadly, Juri knew just who it was. "... Oh damn it!" she groaned, immediately running over. At that moment, the kid was thrown out of the group by a kick, and landed in her arms, completely out cold. "Hey! Kid, you okay?! KID!" she said, looking at him worriedly. He hardly even twitched at all in response

Juri stared before slowly setting him down on the ground by the wall, then turing to face the crowd. "Who the fuck are you? His mama?" one of them laughed.

"No... more like your death incarnate." she said as her left eye began to glow. She then gave a fiece scream before running straight into the crowd, intent on tearing them all apart. All of them screamed as they were figuratively(and somewhat litterally) torn apart, being tossed around in the air and slammed into the ground and kicked and broken repeatedly.  Juri growled angrily even after she'd finished, slowly turning to the boy and starting to walk back to him, her eye finally returning to normal.  He was slightly awake now, at least enough to look at her.  "..... I swear, I don't even know if you're worth all this trouble." she said, looking at him. Suddenly, his eyes widened and he struggled to to his feet "Oh, come on! What is it now? I swear if you don't stop following me like a stupid dog, I'll-" she was cut off as, out of nowhere , he dashed past her, almost too fast to see, and jumped into the air, spinning around and planting a harsh kick to the neck of someone who was behind her... making him drop the knife he was holding as he got sent flying back. "What the...?" Juri turned and stared in disbelief.

The kid ran forward as the guy was getting up before kicking him in the stomach, then rearing his fist back and punching the guy as he came down from the air, sending him flying into a building and knocking him out. Juri continued staring before glancing at the kid again. He was glaring at the guy, a small black aura flashing off of him briefly before it died out and he turned around and sat on the ground, looking up at her again. "... YOU know how to fight?" she asked after a moment.

"... Yea..." he said quietly, almost inaudible, but he did nod.

"Then why have I been stuck saving you all day?!" she yelled, running over to him. Like before, his response was to gasp and back up in fear. "If you have power and skill like that, you use it to defend yourself by beating up the people who attack you! What's so hard to get about that?!" she asked.

"I.... Um.... I..." he said, cowering while looking up at her.

"I swear, I am this close to just-" she started, grabbing him by the shirt and raising a fist. He whimpered and put a hand in front of his face meekly to defend. "...... UGH! YOU'RE DOING IT AGAIN!" She said, dropping him.

"Oof!" he grunted, looking up at her again

"You can fight! I know you can! Why do people beat you up then!? Is there something wrong with you!?" she asked, glaring at him. And like magic, he returned to just  staring silently, as though he were dumb. "... Okay, screw this. Just cause I can't hit you doesn't mean I can't beat some sense into you." she said, walking over and grabbing him.

"AH!" he yelped, holding his hands in front of his face again

"OH shut up." she said, rolling her eyes, instead getting on one knee and forcing him over her leg, facedown. She then raised her hand and smacked him in his rear. He yelped loudly, looking over his shoulder at her in surprise.  Juri just gave him a glare and spanked him several more times.

"OW OW OW OW!" he cried out, squirming over her knee, trying to get up

"Hold still, kid." she said, pinning him there as she kept spanking.

"S-SOTEN!" he cried out, kicking his feet

"What?" she asked, stopping and looking at him.

"Name.... My name...." he said quietly. "Soten..."

"Good to know." she said before immediately spanking him again.

"OW! S-Stoppit!" he whimpered

"NO! You have been nothing but an annoyance since I met you!"

"OW! S-Sorry!"

"SERIOUSLY! WHY DON'T YOU FIGHT PEOPLE?!" she asked, spanking his sitspots.

"OW OW OW!" he wailed, actually crying now, though he still didn't answer her.  Juri didn't seem to care, and was still spanking him, but on the bright side, at least she didn't SEEM to be enjoying this. "WAAAAH! WAAAAAAAAH!" he bawled, rubbing his eyes with his fists, his struggles actually stopping. Juri thankfully stopped shortly after and rolled him off her knee onto the ground.  grunted as he fell to the ground and rolled onto his stomach, rubbing his stinging behind with one hand while forcing himself up with the other, still sobbing.

"Now, start talking." she said, crossing her arms and looking at him. He sniffled, looking up at her in confusion. "Tell me why you don't do what you did to the guy with the knife." she said.

"N-Not supposed to..." he said quietly. "Only supposed to help others..."

"And what about helping yourself when people are trying to kill you?" Juri asked. He simply shook his head and forced himself to stand up again, looking up at her(though still rubbing his backside). "Who the hell told you something like that anyway?" Juri asked.  He shrugged his shoulders slightly at that.

"Don't remember..."

"Then don't listen to them! If you can fight, fight! It's what I do." she said. He simply sniffled and walked over to her, clinging to her as he rubbed his eyes. "... Ugh, and another thing.......... WHY do you keep following me like I'm your mom?" she asked. He only shrugged again and kept holding on. Juri groaned and rolled her eyes. "How long til you let go?" This was met with another shrug, and in fact him holding on tighter. Juri gave a sigh before reaching down and putting her arms around him. He slowly looked up at her, holding his arms up. Juri gave him an annoyed look before shaking her head and picking him up.

He immideatly rested his head on her shoulder and put his arms around her, closing his eyes. Within seconds, he'd fallen asleep. She could also feel that, likely from the constant beatings by thugs, he had a slight fever and still did have a bit of blood on him, but one thing she noticed was a cut on his arm glowing light purple.... before closing completely. Though this didn't happen till he was asleep.


Juri stared with wide eyes before looking at him. "Well... you might just be worth my time afterall." she said, before turning and starting to walk off with him in her arms. "So..." she said, getting her evil grin back. "Let's go kill something."

Street Fighter- Protection
My first attempt at a Street Fighter story! Had actually had this PLANNED since earlier this year when I started playing Super Street Fighter IV on xbox, but never got around to doing it until recently because I'm lazy :P Hope you enjoy.  OC is mine.

“Now, many have said the voice of a Beowulf is one of the most terrifying sounds one can ever hear. Yet, when I stalked the creature that day, it was in fact, nothing like the sort. Its deep voice instead reminded me more of someone playing an oboe… or perhaps the bassoon-“

“Ugh, this class lasts forever.” Yang groaned, leaning her head into the table as they listened to yet another of Professor Port’s stories, which had easily derailed their class again.

“Tell me about it.” Ruby said with a sigh, currently trying to hold her head up with a pencil stood up on her desk. “Weiss, are you as bored as I am?” she asked, looking over. She blinked in surprise though as she saw that Weiss had actually found some way to keep taking notes during the class, even though the story seemed rather unrelated. “What are you doing?” she asked, trying to lean over and see. Only for Weiss to shush her.

“Ruby, I’m trying to focus.” Weiss whispered.

“But this part is so boring.” She whined, leaning on her shoulder.

“Would you get off?!” she said back with a glare. “Find a way to entertain yourself, and leave me out of it!” she whispered back.

“Kay… sheesh. Weiss has her ponytail extra tight today.” Ruby muttered with a frown, before looking boredly at her notebook and pencil. After a moment, she smiled, quickly dug out her pencil, and also grabbed her ruler and a paper clip. A moment later, she had them shaped together into what more or less looked like a tiny scythe. She grinned and then, after some scribbling with a black crayon, also had a few crude cartoon beowulfs cut out of paper. She then started making little growling noises, moving them with one hand, then making little slashes with her scythe with the other hand, along with explosion sounds and stuff.

“RUBY!” Weiss snapped with a harsh whisper. “What are you doing?!”

“Entertaining myself.” Ruby shrugged.

“What are you, four?!” she whispered back.

“I’m just playing.” She said back innocently.

“AHEM!” Professor Port suddenly cleared his throat and both girls looked over, Ruby immediately hiding her things in her lap. “Miss Schnee, I’m glad you’re enjoying the story, so would you mind sharing your comments?”

“Me?! But I wasn’t- Um-“ Weiss nervously looked back and forth while Ruby hid a giggle. She finally gave a sigh and hung her head. “Nothing sir. It won’t happen again.”

“Very good.” Their teacher said with a nod. “Where was I? Ah yes. After managing to elude the beast inside of a hollow oak tree-“

“Thanks a lot, Ruby.” Weiss muttered with a frown.

“Sorry.” She shrugged, giving her an apologetic smile.

Weiss gave a groan and tried going back to her notes, ignoring the story again as Ruby continued her mini-Grimm battle.  While she did somewhat tone down her action sounds, at one point Weiss had to pause her notes as a crudely drawn Beowulf pup was thrown across her page. She looked at Ruby who was more or less shooting them off her desk by “Attacking” them with her scythe. Two more flew across her desks, and when she was just about able to ignore her, the next one actually hit her in the head. “Ow! Ruby!” she snapped at her.

“Miss Schnee.” Their teacher called, staring right at her again. “If you have more important things to deal with right now, maybe you can stay after class, and take the lesson then.” He said.

“What?! But sir, I wasn’t-“ Weiss stammered and tried to defend herself, before slumping into her seat, letting her head hit the desk as he again continued his story. A moment later, she felt something  poke her side, and looked over to see Ruby handing her a note. Weiss took it and unfolded it to see a crude cartoon drawing of Ruby and herself holding hands. Written on the top was Best Friends, and at the bottom was I’m Sorry, both in red crayon. She looked at Ruby, who gave her an apologetic smile… Weiss returned it with a glare and ripped the picture in half in front of her, tearing apart both the drawing of them, and the best friends section. Ruby stared in surprise, and was a little hurt too, as Weiss huffed and returned to her notes.

At the end of the class, everyone (minus Weiss) was packing their things and leaving. “Weiss, listen. I’m really sorry I got you in trouble, and-“ Ruby started.

“When I get out of here, you are going to be in a world of pain.” She said bluntly, not looking at her.

“… Like normal pain or-“

“And the longer I hear your voice, the worst it’s going to be.” She said matter of factly.

Ruby stared with wide eyes before quickly turning and running out of the classroom… though she quickly ran into someone. “Ow! Sorry, I didn’t-“

“Ruby, it’s just me.” Blake pointed out, looking at her.

“Oh. Hey Blake. Sorry about that.” Ruby said, rubbing the back of her head.

“It’s alright… what was going on with you and Weiss during class today?” she asked.

“Well, I kinda was just trying to have some fun during the lecture.” She shrugged.

“Weiss sure didn’t seem to be having fun.” Blake pointed out.

“Yeah. She got in trouble too, and now she’s really mad at me.” Ruby said with a sigh.

“I would be too. It certainly isn’t fair.” Blake said, crossing her arms and giving her a look.

“… Um, I guess not?” Ruby said with a shrug, a bit confused by Blake’s expression.

“Ruby, can you come talk with me in our room?” she asked, taking her hand.

“Uh, okay? You don’t have to hold my hand though.” Ruby said, following her.

“I know. It’s just so that you don’t run away.” Blake told her.

“What? Why would I run?” she asked.

“It’s what you’ve done every other time you’ve had a punishment coming.” Blake said.

“PUNISHMENT?!” Ruby asked in surprise, now frantically trying to pull away and dragging her feet. “You said we were gonna talk!”

“I wasn’t lying. You and I are going to have a nice long talk with your hairbrush.” Blake said, still pulling her.

“T-THAT’S NOT A TALK! THAT’S A SPANKING!” she squealed worriedly, struggling harder.

“That’s because it’s what you deserve for getting Weiss in trouble and not paying attention in class.” Blake scolded.

“B-But I don’t wanna get spanked!” she said before stepping on Blake’s foot.

“OW!” Blake groaned, letting go and holding her foot, immediately trying to run. She got a few feet away… except she was still wearing her red hood, so Blake grabbed that instead.

“Hey! Blake, come on! Lemme go! Weiss already is gonna hurt me when she gets out of class!” Ruby whined.

“I’ll handle Weiss. Right now, I need to deal with you.” She said, dragging her back to their room by her head.

“NOOOO!!!!!” Ruby wailed, her feet scuffing across the floor.

Eventually, they got back to their room, and Blake lead her in before closing the door behind them. “Blake, please! I don’t wanna get spanked!” she begged, both hands covering her schoolgirl skirt.

“That’s enough, Ruby. Now, you got Weiss in trouble, ignored the teacher, and did you even take any notes, or did you waste all your paper on those little cut-outs?” she asked, looking at her.

“Uh….” Ruby hesitated, knowing Blake was right on every count.

“I thought so. Now, go get your hairbrush.” She said, looking at her as she sat down on the bed.

“BLAAAAAAKE!” Ruby whined, stamping a foot.

“Ruby, don’t make me tell Yang.” The Faunus told her. Ruby gave a whimper before going over and taking out her red and black hairbrush. “Good, now come here.” She said. Ruby gave yet another whine before doing so. Blake took the brush from her and then bent her across her lap. “Now, you know why you’re being spanked, right?”

“Yes Blake.” She sighed sadly. Blake gave a nod before smacking the hairbrush across her rear. “OW-HOW!”

“Ruby, that was not an appropriate way to behave in class.” She scolded, alternating cheeks with each spank.

“OW OW OW! Okay, I’m sorry! Blake, no spanking!” she begged.

“This is what you deserve, Ruby. Hold still.” Blake said as she spanked.

“I can’t help it! It stings!” she whined, kicking her feet.

“That’s what a spanking does Ruby.” Blake said, swatting at her sitspots next.

“OWIE! Blake, wait a minute! Not the sitspots!” she begged, reaching her hands back.

“Ruby, no reaching back.” Blake said, giving her a look.

“But those sting really bad.” Ruby whimpered childishly.

“Move your hand, or else.” She told her, tapping the brush on her hands. Ruby gave a yelp and quickly pulled them away, not wanting to get her hands smacked like what Weiss had done to her when she tried examining Myrtenaster. However, she immediately had to go back to the pain in her rear since Blake started swatting at the seat of her skirt again.

“Owie! Ow-how-how! Blake, I’ll pay attention in class! Please stop!” she whimpered with tears in her eyes.

“Ruby, that’s only half the reason you’re getting spanked.” Blake reminded her, before starting to pull up her skirt.

“WAIT! Blake, not that!” she squealed with a bright red face, her friend now getting a perfectly good view of her black panties with red pencils on them.

“This is the next part of your spanking, Ruby.” Blake told her.

“But you can see my panties!!!” Ruby squealed, kicking frantically. Blake paid no mind and instead whalloped her rear with the hairbrush again. “OWIE! AND IT STINGS MORE!”

“That’s why I moved your skirt away, Ruby.” Blake scolded, spanking her rear over and over, producing a loud clap sound every time as the poor girl’s buttcheeks flattened under the hard wooden brush. “We can’t just spank you over your skirt.”

“OWIE! OWIE! I WOULDN’T MIND THOUGH! OW-OW-OW!” Ruby howled, kicking harder.

“Ruby, you need to hold still, or else.” Blake scolded, stopping and trying to hold her legs.

“But I can’t help it! You’re spanking too hard!” she wailed.

Blake sighed and shook her head before pinning Ruby’s legs between her own. She then smacked the hairbrush down on her completely helpless sitspots. “Ruby, you’re only making this worse for yourself!” Blake told her.

“WAAAAH!!!! BUT I DON’T WANNA GET SPANKED LIKE THIS! IT HURTS TOO MUCH!” Ruby cried loudly, shaking her bottom since it was about all she could do in her position.

“Ruby, I’m going to stop spanking you when you’ve been punished enough for what you did.” She scolded, paddling her poor little sitspots.

“BLAKE!  I’m punished enough!” she wailed, holding her behind.

“RUBY ROSE.” Blake snapped sternly, and her eyes widened as she realized what she did before quickly taking her hands away. “Ruby, get up.” She said, giving her a look.

“Blake, I’m sorry! It was a reflex! Y-You were spanking too hard!” Ruby whimpered helplessly, trying to make excuses.

Blake sighed and shook her head, taking her legs away before standing Ruby up and yanking her panties down to her knees. “Alright, you know the rules. Get in position.” She said.

“But I hate that position!” Ruby whined, blushing and holding down the front of her skirt.

“Ruby, don’t make me start over.” Blake warned her. Ruby gave another loud whine before behind over and holding her ankles. “If you let go, we’re starting over.” She said, pulling her skirt back up. Her bottom was already a matching shade of red with her hood.

“I know.” Ruby whimpered with a sob. Blake kept a hand on her back before she swung back with the brush. Ruby felt pain explode across her red little rear. “OWWWW!!!” Her hands quivered, as did her knees, but she held still.

“That’s it Ruby, hold on.” Blake said, paddling her bottom over and over.

“OWW!!!! OW-HOW! I’M SORRY, BLAKE! STOP SPANKING ME!” she howled in pain, frantically shaking her backside to either ruin Blake’s aim or cool it off.

“Not until you’ve learned your lesson.” Blake said gently, keeping her in place as she spanked.

“WAAAAAH!!!! BUT I DID LEARN! I LEARNED IT WHEN WE STARTED!” Ruby cried, somewhat tilting forward from the force of every smack.

“Just a couple more, Ruby.” Blake said, spanking her sitspots next. She could see Ruby’s backside covered in red rectangles from the hairbrush.  Suddenly, she found those rectangles covered by a set of hands as Ruby shot up and held her rear.

“WAAA-HAAAA! BLAKE, IT’S TOO MUCH! I DON’T WANT ANYMORE SPANKING!” she wailed, bouncing up and down as she held her poor backside, frantically rubbing with both hands.

“Ruby… you know the rules about breaking position.” Blake sighed, looking at her.


Blake gave another sigh as she looked at the girl wearing a red hood with a matching red butt. “Ruby… how about this? If you can hold still for ten more, we can stop. Is that okay?” she asked.

“O-Okay…” Ruby sobbed, wiping her eyes with a fist.

“Alright, get back in position and let’s get this over with.” She nodded. Ruby nodded and slowly did so, now more or less holding her red pencil panties since they’d fallen down to her feet. Blake put a hand on her back again, but held her there a bit more firmly. “Just ten more.” She said gently. She waited til Ruby gave a nod amidst her crying, then let loose with ten hard whacks, spread across her cheeks and sitspots.

Ruby wailed at the top of her lungs, shook her rear, and gripped her ankles so tight she felt she was going to pull her own feet off, but managed to hold still. Afterwards, Blake helped her straighten out, before the little girl immediately wrapped herself tight around her.  Blake smiled and hugged her back, stroking her head and waiting for her to calm down. “S-Sorry Blake.” She sobbed into her chest.

“I know, and I forgive you Ruby. But you need to apologize to Weiss later.” Blake said, still rubbing her head.

“B-But what if she’s still mad at me?” she whimpered, looking up at her with eyes red from crying.

“Don’t worry. I’ll vouch for you.” Blake told her with a smile.

Ruby nodded and held onto her a bit longer before she stopped crying. Afterwards though, she still didn’t let go of her. “Ruby, are you okay now?” she asked after a moment.

“I guess… Blake?” she asked, looking at her again.

“What is it Ruby?” Blake asked.

“… My butt really hurts.” She whimpered with a pout.

“I bet it does.” She smiled, petting the girl’s head again. Looking over her shoulder though, she could barely make out Ruby’s butt against her hood. It was a big mess of overlapping red squares that she would definitely be feeling in class tomorrow.

“Blake?” Ruby asked again.


“Do I HAVE to put my panties back on?” she asked her with a whine, almost sounding like she was complaining about a bedtime. Blake couldn’t help but giggle. Apparently Ruby noticed the state of her backside as well.

“Well…” Blake started, before seeing the pleading puppy-dog look she was giving her. “I won’t make you put them on, but you should probably make sure you’re wearing something when Yang gets back.” Ruby gave a sigh of relief and immediately stepped out of her panties, looking at her rear with a wince before gently trying to rub it again. “Now, I’m going to get started on our homework.”

“We had homework?” Ruby blinked, looking at her.

“Yes, we did.” Blake said with a nod.

“…….. Hey Blake?” she asked hesitantly.

“Fine, you can borrow my notes to do the assignment.” Blake said, rolling her eyes before smiling at the girl and handing her her notebook. Ruby took it before lying facedown on her bed and getting to work, though Blake got to look up her skirt in that position and got another view of her paddled rear. Shaking her head with a laugh, she sat down and grabbed a book to read while Ruby was using her notes.

About half an hour later, Weiss came in, still growling to herself at having to stay after. “Ruby…” she growled, eyes fixed on her so-called leader.

“EEP! W-Weiss, wait a minute! I just wanted to say I’m sorry, and I should’ve paid attention and I should’ve stayed up for you and it will never, ever, EVER happen again and-“ Ruby immediately tried breaking into the long apology she’d been planning out in her head between problems.

“How is it that I, one of the smartest girls in school, gets left behind because of YOU!?” she growled at her, coming over.

“W-Weiss, be reasonable!” she pleaded before yelping as Weiss grabbed her by the collar and held her up to her face. “WEISS, PLEASE! BLAKE ALREADY GAVE ME ONE SPANKING TODAY!!!” she squealed in fear.

“….. What did you say?” Weiss asked, staring at her for a moment, rage replaced by confusion.

“B-Blake already punished me for everything! And she did it REALLY hard!” she whimpered.

Weiss stared at her even longer before looking at Blake. “She’s not lying. You can see the proof right there by your foot.” She told her with a nod.

“What are you-“ Weiss looked down to see her left foot standing on a pair of black underwear with red pencils on them. “EWW! Are you kidding me?!” she asked, letting go of Ruby and backing away.

“T-They hurt too much!” Ruby whimpered in her defense.

“………. Get down here.” Weiss said after a moment, looking at her.

“Um, w-why-“

“RUBY. NOW!” Weiss snapped.

“Yes ma’am!” she squeaked, quickly climbing down and standing in front of her nervously.

Weiss gave her another glare as she looked her up and down. “Turn around.” She ordered, gesturing with a finger.

“Weiss…” Ruby whined worriedly, though the look she gave her made her give a sigh and do so. Blake watched from her bed as well, getting ready to intervene. Weiss looked Ruby over again, stared down at her rear, then lifted her skirt, the marks from the hairbrush still a prominent red color. “WEISS!” Ruby squealed in surprise with a blush.

Weiss looked back at her, then made Ruby bend over her bed. “THIS is for bugging me in class.” She said, smacking her sore rear.

“OWIE! Weiss, I’m sorry!” Ruby pleaded worriedly, giving a kick.

“THIS is for throwing those stupid cut-outs at me!” she added, smacking her sitspots again.

“OW-HOW! Weiss, I don’t want another spanking!” Ruby wailed, already tearing up.

“And this!” Weiss added, grabbing her own ivory brush off her dresser.

“Nonononononono!!!!!!!!” Ruby pleaded, frantically shaking her head before Weiss spanked her sore rear with her own brush. “YOOOOOWWWW!!!!!!!” she howled, collapsing in tears on the bed. “I’M SORRY!!!” she wailed.

“That, was for leaving me to take the blame.” She said, before surprisingly putting the brush away and sitting beside the crying girl. “If we’re going to be a team, and more importantly, if YOU’RE going to be our leader, then you need to look out for us and not throw me under the bus.” Weiss said plainly, crossing her arms and giving her a look. “So, next time you do something stupid, are you going to own up to it?”

“Y-Yes, Weiss.” She sobbed, wiping her eyes again as she looked at her.

“Good. Then I forgive you- HEY!” she yelped in surprise as Ruby wrapped her arms around her middle and sobbed into her lap. “What are you- Cut it out! I don’t want you getting snot all over me!” she said back, trying to get her off.

Blake stared in surprise, but couldn’t help but laugh at the scene, especially when Weiss failed to pry Ruby off and was forced to hold onto her until she stopped crying. Much as her team fought with each other at times like this, these same moments usually showed everyone just how close a team they were.

RWBY - Distractions
Short story written due to boredom and my lack of a life :P Hope you enjoy. 

RWBY is owned by Monty Oum and Roosterteeth. Not me.

Morgan blinked as she glanced off into the forest. "A nest..? A wait, that's a.... bee-hive! Wow!" she said, surprised. She smiled a bit as she walked toward the forest

"Morgan, no." Severa groaned, taking her by the hood and pulling her back to the camp. "No more exploring for today."

Morgan yelped at that, pouting. "Awww, but sis--" she groaned.

"No. Last time you went into the woods, something else came out." she said with a frown.

"Thoes hornets weren't very nice naturally. I didn't do anything." she muttered.

"Well, the rest of us have had our fill of hornets, me especially." she said. "So let's stay inside of the camp today, alright?"

"Okay..." she sighed, folding her arms.

"Good." she nodded, letting her go. She then sat down to start sharpening her sword.

Morgan watched for a minute before seeing something out of the corner of her eye and walking off.

"Do you want me to help with your- Morgan?" Severa blinked and looked around before groaning. "Not again."

Morgan was nowhere to be seen, just vanished

"Oh, by the gods! Morgan!" she called, getting up to chase after her.

Morgan didn't answer her, but her footprints DID lead into the forest.

"Oh, that's it!" she muttered, following them.

She found Morgan looking picking up pinecones on the floor just a bit into the forest.

[10/26/2013 6:33:55 AM] Kyle Taylor: "Morgan!" she called, coming over and taking her by the hood again.

"EEK!" she squealed, before looking up. "Oh, hi Severa." she added, smiling.

"What did I just tell you?" she asked her.

"Oh, sorry, but I saw a moth and followed it to here." she said simply

"Morgan... the forest is off-limits, okay? No little sisters going in here from now on." she said, leading her back to the camp.

"Okay." she said simply, following her.

Severa sighed and rubbed her head with her free hand as she lead her all the way to their tent.

"Hey Severa?" she said after a minute.

"What?" she asked her.

"There's a slug crawling on your behind. I just thought I should tell you before you sit and hurt the poor thing." she said casually. "Oh, and can I go to Mother's tent? I think I forgot my spear in there."

"WHAT?!" she yelled, immediately jumping and trying to look behind her while frantically brushing at her rear.

A large slug fell to the ground and began crawling away slowly. Morgan seemed unfazed

"EWW!!! That's disgusting!" she yelled, brushing at her pants.

"Its off now." Morgan blinked, confused.

"That thing was on my BUTT, Morgan!" she said back.

"Exactly. Its not like your butt will always be clean anyway. That's what Cynthia said anyway." Morgan said with a smile.

"Morgan... don't listen to what Cynthia says." she groaned.

"Why?" she asked, curious.

"Because her fragile little mind can't tell fact from fantasy." she said flatly.

"Okay." she shrugged, accepting that.

"Now, let's go to Mother's tent." she said.

"Okay." she said with a smile.

Severa rolled her eyes and walked with her.

Morgan followed her for awhile, and ran to the tent once it was in sight.

Severa sighed and stood there, watching the tent.

After five minutes, Morgan still didn't come out.

Severa gave a confused look before coming in to check on her. "Morgan...?"

Morgan, somehow, wasn't IN the tent so far as she could see. But there was no other exit, and she hadn't come out the exit she went in through.

"What the-" Severa briefly started looking for her in the tent.

It was just the bed, Cordelia's bag, and a few weapons laying about. There wasn't much chance for hiding here.

Severa facepalmed before stepping outside. "Morgan!" she called, looking around.

"BOO!" Morgan cheered from behind Severa, glomping her to the ground.

"HEY!" Severa yelped in surprise as they both fell down.

"Hehehehe! Gotcha, sis!" Morgan laughed, sitting up.

"What was that for?!" she snapped, blushing.

"For fun!" she giggled

"Morgan, get off." she groaned.

"Okay." she said, standing up and dusting her clothes off.

Severa did the same before looking at her. "So, did you get what you came for?" she asked.

"Yeah." she said, holding up her Killer Lance which, because of Owain, she was persuaded to nickname to Mimi McKillstreak.

"Fine. Now, we're done with the forest, right?" Severa asked.

"Yes, sis." she said with a happy smile.

"Good, then maybe I can finally relax." Severa sighed.

"If you say so." Morgan said, happily heading off.

"... Where are you going?" she asked with a sigh.

".... I dunno." Morgan said after a moment of thought.

"You know what? As long as you stay in camp, I don't care." she said.

"Really? Thanks!" she said before running off.

Severa sighed before going to try and get back to sharpening her sword.

A few minutes later, her father came in, folding his arms. "Severa, may I talk to you for a moment?"

"What is it father?" she asked, giving him an innocent smile.

"Didn't I tell you to watch Morgan?" he asked, giving her a look

"She said she was staying in camp, why?" she asked.

"Yes, she did, but that doesn't much stop her from... doing certain things she really shouldn't be doing. Which is WHY I asked you to watch her."

"What did she do?" she asked, facepalming.

He simply reached outside the tent before bringing his hand back in, holding Morgan a few inches off the ground by her hood. She had an empty jar of strawberry jam in her hands, and much of it was on her face.

"... Where did you even find Jam?" she asked with a sigh.

"The Mess Tent." she said innocently.

"I told you to look after her so she doesn't get into such exploits. And not to mention Kjelle found her trying to use the restroom by the forest entrance."

"The restroom was occupied." Morgan said, shrugging.

"What- Morgan, what is wrong with you?! That is the most unladylike thing anyone's ever done!" Severa told her.

Nah said the same thing. But Cynthia, Noire and Miss Sully, I all had seen do it before." Morgan said with an oblivious smile. Their father sighed and set her down on her feet in front of Severa.

"When I say watch her, I mean WATCH her. I don't mean leave her to her own devices and hope for the best." he scolded before leaving.

Severa rolled her eyes before looking at Morgan with a glare.

Morgan immideatly looked at the ground, trying to avoid her gaze

"One hour. Is it too much to ask that you stay out of trouble for one hour?!" she snapped at her.

"I'm sorry..." she whined. "How was I supposed to know?"

"How were you- Oh come on!" she snapped at her. "It's common sense!"

"But I saw alot of other girls do it too. And its just jam."

"I don't care! You almost got me in big trouble with Father!" she said back.

  "Sorry..." she whimpered.

"... Not yet you're not." she said, reaching over and grabbing her hairbrush.

"Noooo! Not again!" Morgan pleaded, turning and running out.

"FREEZE, SIS!" Severa said, grabbing her by the hood just after she got out of the tent.

"NO! Let gooo!" she whined, struggling to run still. "Severa, please, not that again!"

"No way! If I'm playing Mommy for you, then that means I get to do this too!" she said, dragging her back inside to the bed.

"No! Please, spankings hurt alot!" Morgan whimpered.

"Severa?" Kjelle asked, poking her head in, currently absent of her armor.

"What is it, Kjelle?" she groaned, looking over at her with a frown, still hanging onto her sister.

"You may wish to clean off your younger sister, and also explain to Miss Sumia and Miss Cherche why we're missing a bag of sugar, some honey and all of the leftover stew from yesterday." she said bluntly, making Morgan gulp worriedly.

"..... REALLY?" she asked with a strained look, glaring at Morgan.

"Yes, really. And since dinner is in a few hours, may wanna jump on that." Kjelle said, Morgan whimpering.

"Oh, come on Kjelle, we have to go now." Inigo's voice called. "We have a date!" Kjelle blushed scarlet and exited the tent.

"Shut up and walk!" she snapped from outside, and a slap was heard, along with Inigo yelping and then footsteps walking away.

"They're.." Severa blinked before shaking it off. "Well, you heard her." she said, glaring at Morgan. "I don't have long, so I better make this the worst spanking I can give." she said.

"No! Please! I-I don't want to be spanked again, Severa!" Morgan begged.

"TOO BAD!" she snapped, sitting down and throwing her sister over her knee. She then flipped her coat out of the way so she had an unobstructed view of her rear.

"No! Please! I'm sorry! I won't do it again!" she whined, her butt clad in simple black pants now revealed to her older sister.

"After the blistering you're gonna get, you better not!" she said, whacking her rear with the hairbrush.

"OW!" she cried out, bucking her legs.

"How do you cause so much trouble every day?!" she asked, paddling away.

"OW OW OW! I-I dunno! I'm sorry!" she whined, kicking around.

"If it's not one thing it's another, and how could you eat so much of our food supplies?!" she asked.

"I was hungry!" she whimpered.

"You ate enough for three hungry people!" she said, beating her sitspots.

"OW OWIE! Not there-- OUCH! Not there!" she cried, squirming.

"Maybe squirming around at dinner will help you remember to leave food for the others." Severa told her, holding her down.

"I'm sorry big sister!" she cried, kicking her feet as she was spanked.

"Not yet, you're not!" she said, stopping to pin her sister's legs between hers. She then started to work her pants down towards her ankles.

"N-No! Not that! Not on my panties!" she complained,shaking her rear back and forth in an attempt to stop.

"HUSH!" she said, giving her a whack over her panties before continuing to take her pants down.

"OW!" she whined, her pink butterfly panties revealed. "Please, Severa, PLEASE! I've learned my lesson!"

"I don't believe that!" she said, spanking harder with the hairbrush at a rapid pace.

"OUCH! OW! I'm so sorry!" she cried, tears coming to her eyes at the harder spanks.

"Sorry for WHAT, Morgan?!" she asked her.

"OWIE! For getting into trouble!" she cried

"That's right, and I'm getting sick of it!" she said, paddling her sitspots.

  "OWIE! I'm sorry, Severa!" she bawled.

"How sorry?!" she asked, spanking over and over.

"OUCH! Super sorry!" she wailed

"Sorry enough you won't do it again?" she asked her.

"Yes! I promise big sister, really!" she sobbed

"Good... now let's keep going til I forgive you!" she said, grabbing her panties.

"No! Not bare bottom spanks! Please not that!" Morgan begged, reaching back to prevent that.

"Too bad!" Severa said, pushing her hand away. "I'm the big sister and what I say goes!" she said, taking her panties down.

"Nooooooo! I'm sorry!" she sniffled, trying to kick, looking over her shoulder.

"Yeah, yeah, I hear ya." she said, giving hard hairbrush spanks to her bare butt, which already matched her hair.

"OW-HOWIE!" she wailed

"Now, I am getting sick and tired of having to keep you from doing all this stuff, and it gets really annoying when I'm in trouble for what you do. So I want you to tone it down already!" she said, beating her behind over and over.

"I'm sorry! I will! I promise!" she sobbed, going limp over her knee.

"Good." Severa said, slowing to a stop as she finished the spanking.

Morgan was sobbing like a little girl over her lap, not pleading anymore.

"Alright... now you learned your lesson, right?" she asked, putting the brush aside and rubbing her back.

"Y-Yes big sis..." she sniffled, looking over her shoulder.

"Alright, now. I want you to help me take care of dinner and fix everything you did." she said.

"Okay.." she sniffled, nodding once.

"Great, now pull your pants up and let's get going." she told her.

"Okay..." she gulped, standing up and doing so slowly and carefully, but still hissed in pain when her pants went over her toasted rear

"Alright, ready to go?" she asked her, getting up.

"Yeah." Morgan nodded, wiping her face.

"Then let's get going." she said, heading towards the mess hall.

Fire Emblem- Big Sister Babysitter
You guys may see more of this pairing, assuming I decide to upload the other Morgan story I have to here too. Not sure just yet. Posted mainly out of excitement for all the Fire Emblem characters in the coming Smash Bros game! Hoping very much to be able to edit Robin when the game is available! And may even accept challenge requests from people owo Not sure yet. HOPE YOU ENJOY!

Sumia sighed as she ran a hand through her hair before coming over to their strategist. "Um, Robin... can we talk for a minute?" she asked him.

"Hm? Oh, hey Sumia. Is something wrong?" He asked, turning to look at her. He glanced at Morgan before gesturing to the tent. "We'll finish this talk later. Go to your tent and don't come out."

"Yes father..." Morgan sighed, doing so.

"Not quite... I'm sorry, did I come at a bad time?" Sumia asked, glancing at Morgan.

"No... Just... Morgan did something rather inappropriate. I still can't belive I have a daughter." he sighed. "So what's up?"

"Well, funny you should mention that. I'm having a few problems with Cynthia myself." she said. "I was hoping you could give me some parental advice on discipline."

"Discipline?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

"Yes, I'm... having a bit of trouble being stern with my daughter, I'm afraid." Sumia admitted.

"Well that's understandable." he said, giving a nod.

"So, if I may, how do you usually punish Morgan? She's certainly full of energy from what I've seen." Sumia said.

"Well... I suppose I can show you. Considering that I intended to do that anyway." he said, glancing back at Morgan's tent.

"Oh? Should I go get Cynthia then? Maybe you could give me some pointers." Sumia asked him.

"No, that's fine. Just watch me and then you can handel it." he shrugged.

"Alright then. Let's get it over with." sumia said with a nod.

Robin nodded before entering Morgan's tent.

"Hey father... Oh! Hey Sumia!" Morgan said, perking up as she saw the pegasus knight come in behind Robin.

  "Well, Morgan, what do you have to say for yourself?" Robin asked sternly

Morgan's smiled went away and she looked down. "I'm sorry." she said quietly.

"You'd best be. That was the most dangerous stunt you've pulled to date!" he scolded.

"I didn't mean to get anyone hurt." she said, looking at him sadly.

"So, what did she do anyway?" Sumia asked Robin.

  "Morgan, tell her." Robin ordered, folding his arms.

"Um, I may have switched all the weapons with training replicas to see how good his eye for detail was." Morgan said.

"What?! Morgan, what if someone had tried taking those replacements into battle?!" Sumia told her.

"Exactly. And had I not noticed, we might have done just that!"

"Sorry..." Morgan said, looking at him with a small shrug.

"... Get your hairbrush." he said finally.

"Father, not that!" Morgan begged.

"Her... hairbrush?" Sumia asked with a confused look.

  [5/18/2013 5:33:37 PM] Khite: "No backtalk, Morgan!" Robin scolded.

[Morgan whimpered before going to do so. "Robin, I'm confused. How is brushing her hair a punishment?" Sumia asked.

"The brush isn't for her hair, Sumia." he explained

  "Um, what else could you use it for?" she asked as Morgan came back worriedly.

"Morgan, explain how this is going to work, young lady." He said, taking it from her.

"W-What?" she asked, blushing before looking at Sumia. "B-But Father, she's still here..." she whined.

"Stop questioning me, young lady." Robin scolded

Morgan whined before turning redder. "You're going to take my hairbrush, and smack my butt with it til I can't sit down." she whimpered. Sumia's eyes widened in surprise.

"And you should thank Sumia for being here. She's why you're ONLY getting the brush. It'd be the strap otherwise." he said.

"A strap?" Sumia asked in disbelief, Morgan whimpering again.

"Yes. Its called a spanking Sumia-- Wait, you've never been spanked before?" Robin asked in disbelife.

"Well, no. I never really got in trouble as a child." she said with a small shrug.

"That's... surprising. I don't know any child that hasn't been..."

Sumia just give him an innocent, curious look.

  "Regardless. Morgan, come here." Robin said, walking to a chair.

Morgan nodded with one more whimper before she walked over to him.

Robin took her hand before bending her over his knees, holding the brush in one hand.

Morgan squirmed slightly over his lap to try and get comfortable.

Robin wasted no time in beginning to rain down hard smacks upon his daughter's rear end.

"Ow ow ow! Father, I'm sorry!" Morgan whined, kicking her feet.

"You'd best be! I can't believe you, young lady!" he scolded, spanking her rapidly.

"Owie! It hurts, it hurts!" Morgan cried, wiggling over her lap while Sumia stared at them.

"It should! What in the world were you thinking, child?!"

"OUCH! I'm sorry! I was just trying to test you!" she whined. "Please Father, no more!"

"You can do that if you wish but NOT when it endangers everyone else's lives as well!"

"Owie owie! I'm sorry, I wasn't trying too!" Morgan said frantically, reaching back to cover her rear.

"Don't block, Morgn!" he scolded, pinning her hand to the small of her back as he continued spanking.

"Owie! But Father, it stings!" she whined, kicking even harder.

"I don't care. Its about to sting a lot more." he said, glaring at her.

"N-NO! Please don't do that!" Morgan begged, struggling to get up.

He pinned her down with ease before raiising her skirt out of the way.

"FATHER!" she whined, her panties with fire, lightning, and wind spells on them being exposed. Sumia covered her mouth and blushed as much as Morgan was.

"Don't you father me, Morgan! You deserve this and you know it!" he said, spanking away at her sitspots.

"OW-HOW! Not the sitspots, not the sitspots!" she wailed.

"Um, sitspots?" Sumia asked hesitantly.

"Morgan will explain when we finish, Sumia." Robin said, not looking away from the task at hand.

"Okay... h-how long does this take?" she asked over Morgan's wails and pleading.

"It'll be over in another minute." he said, his hand grabbing the waistband of Morgan's underwear.

"No-hoo! Don't take them down, please! I'm sorry!" Morgan sobbed, kicking her feet.

"Quiet, Morgan." he said, tugging them down to reveal her bare, bright red behind.

"Wow... is it supposed to be so... red?" Sumia asked, staring at her behind.

"Yes, its close to done. Just another minute more." he answered, retuning to spanking her.

"WAAAH!!! I'M SORRY FATHER, I'M SORRY!!!" Morgan cried frantically over his lap, trying to move her rear away from her awful hairbrush.

Robin didn't respond and continued punishing the poor girl for a few more seconds and stopped, standing her up. "Alright, before you go to the corner, explain sitspots to Sumia." he ordered, though was holding her gently.

Morgan sobbed and looked at her. "I-It's where most of your weight goes when you sit down... so it's really hard to sit down if they're sore." she sobbed, still blushing.

"Oh..... I see." Sumia said awkwardly.

"Good girl. Now, go sit in the corner while I talk to Sumia." he said gently.

Morgan whined and gave Robin a pleading look. "Father, I'm sorry."

"Corner, unless you want us to continue after Sumia leaves." he warned.

Morgan sobbed and shook her head at him before heading to the corner.

Robin nodded before gesturing Sumia to follow him out of the tent.

Sumia nodded, but then paused as she heard Morgan wailing as she sat down in the corner. She briefly looked over at the crying girl squirming in her seat before following Robin.

"Any questions?" he asked, looking at her.

"Well... isn't it kind of mean to beat your child?" she asked him, glancing back at the tent.

"For disciplinary reasons, no. I learned from Panne." he shrugged.

"Well, alright then." she said. "So... you think I should spank Cynthia?" she asked hesitantly.

"That's up to you. That's the disciplinary form I was raised with and that's what seems to be pretty effective. I know Panne does it, as does Sully on occassion." he explained.

"Well... does it work?" she asked hesitantly.

"Well, Morgan's not likely to pull nother idiotic stunt for the rest of the week. And what she did before was much worse, but she hasn't since done anything of that severity."

"Well... I guess I could try it." Sumia said. "Any last advice?" she asked, turning to leave.

"The most important part: Comfort isn't to be forgotten."

"Comfort?" she asked, looking back at him.

"Yes. When Morgan's time is up, I'm going to hug her and let her know its better now that she's punished. Let her know its okay and all is forgiven now." he said with a warm smile.

Sumia stared briefly before smiling and nodding at him. "Right, I'll be sure to do that." she said.

Robin nodded before going back to Morgan's tent.

Morgan was giving little sniffles and rubbing her eyes as she sat in the corner, her panties currently down to her ankles.

"Come here, Morgan." he said, looking at her as he sat on the bed.

Morgan got up and slowly walked over, rubbing her red cheeks the whole time.

Robin held his arms out, offering her a hug

Morgan came over and threw her arms around him, sobbing into his chest.

"There, there, Morgan. Its okay. You're my good girl again." he said gently, rubbing her back.

"R-Really father?" she asked, sniffling and looking at him.

  "Yes. You're daddy's little girl again." he said with a smile.

"Heh... does daddy's little girl get her butt healed by mommy?" she tried, smiling back.

"No. No healing. You're staying just like that, and you're grounded." he responded.

"Grounded?! But Father, you already made me sit in the corner!" she whined.

"Yes but if you can argue then apparently that wasn't enough punishment. One week. Grounded." he said with finality.

Morgan whined again before pouting at him.

"Morgan, does someone need a few MORE minutes in the time out chair? Or maybe I should tell mommy about what exactly you did--"

"No!" she cried hugging him tighter. "I-I'm too sore for a time out! And Mommy will give me ANOTHER spanking!"

"So does being grounded sound like the better option

"Yes..." she sighed. "Though all those punishments are meant for kids half my age." she muttered.

"What was that?" he asked, giving her a sharp pinch on her sore, red behind.

Morgan yelped and stood on her toes. "Eep! Nothing, Father! I love you! Thank you for just grounding me!" she told him.

He chuckled lightly, giving a nod. "Alright. Now go to bed, Morgan."

"Okay... can you tuck me in?" she asked with a smile.

"Of course, sweetheart." he said, smiling back.

Morgan giggled and hugged him again.

Robin chuckled a bit, hugging her back

Sumia went over everything Robin and Morgan said one last time, then, taking a breath, went into her tent. "Cynthia, can we talk for a minute?" she asked, looking at her daughter.

["Hm? Oh, hey mother!" Cynthia said, smiling up at her.

"Cynthia... I wanted to talk to you about this yesterday's battle." Sumia told her.

"Oh! Mom, I swear, I did NOT blame Lucina for that! It was someone else! I swear, I didn't do it at all! Father must have seen it for himself or something!" she said, immediately defensive.

  "Cynthia, I'm well aware of what happened." she said.

"Phew... Wait, so you're not mad?" she asked.

"I am rather upset with you." she admitted. "It's just... I wasn't sure what to do about it til now."

"Til now...? Er, does it involve fruit or ice cream? Or Fruit ice cream?"

"No Cynthia, it doesn't." she said, taking a breath. "I've decided... that you're going to be spanked as your punishment."

"SPANKED?!" she asked, staring in disbelief.

"That's right." she said with a nod. "I believe that's the best punishment I can give you."

"No, y-you can't do that! Spankings hurt like crazy!" she protested.

"You've gotten them before?" she asked, blinking in surprise.

"Um, Lucy's not exactly a patient person sometimes and gets mad over small things." she said, giving a glance over to where Lucina was.

"Oh, then maybe she can give me some advice for your punishment." Sumia said, turning towards her other daughter.

"NO! Dooooon't!" she whined, wrapping her arms around Sumia's.

Sumia glanced at her in surprise before sighing. "Alright fine. We can do this ourselves, but after this, I'm letting Chrom know that you two aren't exempt from getting spanked." she told her.

Cynthia groaned loudly at this. "Can't I just not get spanked and we say we DID do it?"

"No, we can't Cynthia. I've made up my mind." Sumia said, briefly running through everything. "Now... I want you to get me your hairbrush." she told her.

"My hairbrush...? Wait, you're gonna brush my hair?" she asked, confused.

"You'll see soon enough, Cynthia. Now please do what I said." she said in a gentle tone.

She sighed before (quite disrespectfully) rolling her eyes and walking off to get it.

Sumia blinked at that then made a note to scold her for it when she got back.

"Here, mother." she said, returning shortly with a small wooden hair brush.

"Cynthia, what were you rolling your eyes about?" she asked her.

"Huh? Uh... Er..." she stammered, trying to figure a way to dig herself out of this hole.

["As your mother, shouldn't you show me a little more respect?" she asked, crossing her arms.

"Y-Yes. I was... Rolling my eyes at... My dumb question?" she tried.

Sumia narrowed her eyes and gave her a stern look. "Cynthia..."

"S-Sorry, Mother." she said, wincing under the glare.

"I may be new to disciplining you, but I'm sure that lying and attitudes are not going to help your case." she scolded.

"Will appologizing help?" she asked hopefully.

  "No, it will not. Now come here." she said, taking a seat.

"M-Mom, there are other ways to discipline you know! Spankings don't have to be done." she said, looking at Sumia with a worried look

"I want to make sure that you behave and this doesn't happen again. Robin said spankings are perfect for that kind of behavior." Sumia said, waving her over.

"That stupid May." she muttered under her breath as she slowly came over.

"Cynthia, what did I just say about attitude?" she asked, taking the hairbrush and then grabbing her daughter's hand.

"Ah! Wait, I wasn't talking about you!" she whined, eyes widening.

  "Who you were talking about is not the problem." she said, pulling her daughter so she was over her knee. "The problem is you're talking like that about your allies."

"But Mother!" she whined, pouting and squirming.

"No buts, Cynthia." she said, raising the hairbrush. "Well, except yours, I guess." she then smacked the brush on her rear end relatively hard.

"OW! That stung!" she complained.

"That's what they're supposed to do, aren't they?" she asked, spanking again.

"OUCH! But mother! I didn't do anything to deserve a spanking!"

"I told you, this is about what happened yesterday." Sumia said, starting a slow pace that alternated cheeks.

"Ow! OW! Ouch! But that's not my fault!" she whined.

"You're trying to tell me someone else put up that huge banner that entangled half of our troops?" she asked with an extra hard smack.

"OW! I-I... Well, its possible!" she insisted.

"Cynthia, I am getting very tired of this lying!" Sumia said, all the following spanks just as hard.

"OW! OW! OW! But Mother!" she complained.

Cynthia, I want you to be a good girl and take your spanking." Sumia said, stopping suddenly.

"Uh... Well if I'd knew it was gonna be over that fast, I would've. Ok." she shrugged, going to stand up.

"We're not done yet." Sumia said, taking a hold of her pants.

"Uh! UH! What are you doing, mom?!" she asked, worried.

"Taking the next step in your spanking." she said, pulling them down. "Now you're getting spanked on your underwear."

"WAIT! D-Don't do that! That'll hurt more!" she whined, her pegasus panties showing.

"That's the point, Cynthia." Sumia said, whacking at the seat of her panties just as hard.

"OWIE! Mother, pleeeease! I'm sorry!" she pleaded, kicking her feet.

"What are you sorry for?" she asked, getting into her painful rhythm again.

"F-For putting up the banner! OWIE!" she whimpered, near tears.

Sumia nodded before adjusting her aim to spank her sitspots. "And why was that bad?" she asked.

"OW OW OW! IT HURTS REALLY BAD THERE!" she cried out, kicking more.

"I know. When I spank there, it means you'll remember this." she explained. "Now answer my question Cynthia."

"OW-HOOOW! Because it could get our tropes tangled up!"

"That's right. And it's never going to happen again, is it Cynthia?" she asked, still beating her sitspots.

"No mom! It won't ever happen again! I promise!!" she bawled.

"Alright, we're almost done." she said, stopping. "This last part is a reminder." she told her, pulling her underwear down.

"W-Wait! Don't pull down my panties!"

"We're finishing this spanking on your bare bottom, Cynthia." Sumia told her, raising the brush again and smacking her red cheeks.

  "OW-HOW-HOW-HOWIE!" she howled, her struggles doubling.

  Sumia held her down as she kept spanking, trying to include her sitspots while still getting the rest of her rear.

"OW! It hurts so bad mother!" she bawled

"I know, but iI'm doing this to teach you a lesson." Sumia told her firmly.

"OW! Mother, please! No more spanking!" she wailed, going limp.

Sumia finally stopped and looked at her daughter's backside as she put the brush down.

Cynthia's behind was a shade of red, quite similar to Morgan's but a bit lighter.

"Now, you're going to spend a few minutes in time out, understand?" she said, gently rubbing her back to calm her down.

"T-Time out?" she asked, disbelife in her voice.

"That's right." Sumia said with a nod. "You're going to sit in the corner until I say you can come out." she said in a gentle tone.

"SIT!? Mother, I can't SIT!" she exclaimed.

"Do I need to spank you even longer?" she asked sternly, quoting Robin and reaching for the hairbrush.

"N-No! T-Time out! I understand!" she said quickly, getting up and hurrying to the corner. She stared at the chair before swallowing hard.

"Come on, Cynthia. Sit down." Sumia said, looking at her.

"But... the chair is--" she began.

"Cynthia, maybe I didn't spank you hard enough. Could Lucina do it so you'd do as your told? Or maybe we should go ask Chrom about-"

"NO! NOT DADDY! I'll sit, just don't tell daddy! He'll spank me again!" she said, immideatly sititng in the chair.

] "That's better, Cynthia." Sumia said, nodding to her. "Now, you are going to stay there til I say so, understand?

"Okay..." she sniffled, pouting with her nose in the corner.

Sumia nodded again and watched her for a moment to make sure she stayed put.

Cynthia, despite glancing back once, didn't make any move to stand.

Sumia nodded and quietly stepped outside the tent for a moment.

  Robin was conviniently walking past at that moment, and looked up at her. "Oh, Sumia."

"Oh, Robin." Sumia said, looking over. "I... I just finished taking your advice."

"Oh? How did it go?" he asked, tilting his head.

"Well, it was difficult, but... I think it went well." she said, glancing back inside the tent.

"She's in time out?" he asked

"Yes... did I do everything right?" she asked, leaning aside for him to look in and check on her.

He peeked in, and saw the sobbing girl sitting on the chair before looking at Sumia and nodding.

"... Is it ever easier to do that to your child?" she asked after a moment.

"... Never. And it doesn't get easier." he said quietly.

"It was hard enough for me already." she sighed.

"Hopefully, she's learned enough not to let it happen again."

"Yes, though since she said Lucina's done it before, I get the feeling it's not a permanent fix." she said.

  "Point taken. Though its also possible she assumed Lucina WOULDN'T for fear that you and Chrom wouldn't aprove."

"Well, she said Chrom would spank her so I assume it's happened at some point. But I'm going to talk with both of them about how me and Chrom aren't going to settle for just scolding them anymore." Sumia told him.

"Sounds good. Also, I found that grounding them makes them cooperative for a bit longer.

  "Um, okay. What should I be grounding her from?" she asked after a moment.

"It depends on what she likes. Morgan isn't allowed to touch my strategy books anymore." he shrugged.

"Well, alright. I'll figure something out." she said. "How much longer should Cynthia be in time out?"

"As long as you want. I took Morgan out of it as soon as I finished talking to you."

["Alright. I guess I can go easy on her too." she said.

"Yeah. Its best not to punish them TOO much unless its absolutely necessary."

"If anything, I probably won't punish her enough." she said with a sheepish smile.

"Well Chrome will handel it too."

"He must be good at it for Cynthia to start pleading like she did." she said. "Actually... how are you so familiar with it?" she asked.

".....Er.... Um... Well... Uh...." he stuttered, a blush etching across his face.

Sumia titled her head, giving him a curious look.

"N-Nothing. That's absolutely irrelivant." he insisted.

"No, really. I want to know." she said, looking at him.

"No, there's no need for you to know." he said, turning to leave.

  "Robin, there you are." Said a new voice.

"Oh Panne. Hello." Sumia said, looking over at the Taguel.

"Oh, h-hello Panne!" he said, startled. "Were you searching for me?"

"Yes, actually. I was." she said, looking at him. Sumia just looked back and forth at the two.

"What's wrong?" he asked, looking up at her.

"I was wondering if you had any idea where my beaststone is. Seems that SOMEONE misplaced it from my tent." she said.

He tensed up, swallowing hard. "I-I-I have no idea." he said.

"Really? Not even an idea of who I should be asking? Anyone who might've passed by sometime today?" Panne asked. Sumia watched them both in slight surprise.

"W-Well, Morgan might have done another one of her little pranks... That MIGHT'VE had something to do with your Beaststone but I handeled the situation." he said quickly.

"If you handled the situation, then I'd like to know where it is." Panne told him with a glare.

"Alright, alright, C-Calm down now. I'll go get your beaststone. No problems." he said, holding his hands up in defense.

"Good. Because you know what else I can hurt people with, and either your daughter or YOU will be my victims if I don't get it back." She warned him. Sumia gave Robin a frightened yet confused look.

"G-Got it! Sumia, I'll be back soon!" he said, running off towards Morgan's tent.

"Um, Panne?" Sumia said, speaking up. "Y-You don't have to get so violent." she said hesitantly.

"I'm just talking about our two taskmasters recieving a bit of corporal punishment." Panne answered, Sumia giving a confused look again.

After a minute, Robin exited the tent calmly and began walking toward them again, the Beaststone in his hand.

Panne just continued glaring and held her hand out for it.

Robin sighed in relife before handing her the stone. "Here you are. All is fine."

"Thank you. And I suggest you warn Morgan that I'm going to deal with her next prank myself." she told him before walking off. Sumia continued staring at him.

".... What?" he asked, looking over at her.

"Um, I'm a bit surprised that she frightens you of all people." Sumia said. "But, if I may, what's corporal punishment?" she asked.

"Spanking, why?" he asked, confused. Since to his knowledge, nobody said that word.

Sumia's eyes went wide. "P-Panne has spanked you and Morgan?!" she asked in disbelief.

"Oh, Gods be damned..." he groaned, facepalming.

"But you're... I mean you said she does it, but-" Sumia kept staring at him

"Yes, SHE'S where I got it from. Now if you'll excuse me, I need to have a word with Gaius." he said, walking off.

  "Um, okay...?" she answered, staring a bit longer before shaking it off and going back inside to check on her daughter.

Cynthia was still in the corner, but seemed  bit used to the chair and was just pouting.

"Cynthia, you can come out now." Sumia said, looking at her.

  Cynthia slowly stood up and walked over, sniffling a bit and looking at her mom.

"Alright, come here and give me a hug." she said with a smile, holding out her arms.

  Cynthia smiled before leaping into her arms, hugging her tight.

Sumia giggled and hugged her back. "Now... please don't make me do that again." she told her.

Cynthia simply nodded, snuggling into her mom's hug.

"Now, Cynthia..." Sumia said, looking at her.

"Yes Mother?" she asked, looking up at her.

"To make sure you don't do this again... you're grounded." she said finally.

"GROUNDED!?" she shrieked.

"That's right, young lady." Sumia said with a nod.

"What do you mean grounded?!" she whined.

"I mean that you're not playing with anyone else for the week. It's training, and then straight to bed, understand?" Sumia asked her.

"But Motheeeer!" she whined, pouting and stomping her foot once, then folding her arms.

"If you want, it can be a week of spankings instead." Sumia said. "Lucina can show me how to do it, and maybe Chrom could take some time for it too."

"N-No! Its fine! Week of training and bed! Got it!" she said immideatly.

Sumia smiled and hugged her again, kissing her head.

Cynthia pouted and sighed. ".... Does that mean I have to go to bed now?"

"Yes it does." she said with a nod.


"... Do you want me to tuck you in?" she asked with a smile.

"Yes please, mother." she said, smiling back.

Sumia laughed at that. "Alright, come on then."

Fire Emblem- Good Parenting
Here's another Fire Emblem story! This one will almost always be possible for me since I always pair Chrom with Sumia. Always. Heh. Anyway, hope you enjoy it!
Hey, been awhile since I made a Journal cuz... well, I had no need to. Just wanna say a few things. Progress with stories might be slow, because my son of bitch, asshole stepfather has moved in with us. He ruined ALOT of my life, and I want him out. Sadly, my mom is a kiss ass to him so he refuses to leave and my mom is ok with it despite ALL of her kids, except possibly(a three year old, no less) wishing we lived somewhere else.  I don't honestly have anywhere to go since I have no job right now. Nor do I have money. So I can't leave despite that I badly want to. Now that the useless rant is out of the way, down to real matters.

I have ALOT of stories I could potentially post. Not to say that I will stop posting the ones I am, but wondering which to post next. I have a ton of Disgaea stories I can post. I also have alot of Persona stories, though they have an actual storyline that I'm too lazy to write. Or that I need help writing because I don't know how to begin the story. I also have Kingdom Hearts stories(mostly about Kairi and Yuffie) and MLP stories. Before anything, I'm not a brony. PLEASE do not call me that. I have nothing against them but I don't like being called that because honestly, I just know the characters and I don't really like watching the show.

So tell me, what should I post next? I'm gonna be posting alot of whatever it is before I post any other series though. So that's why I ask.
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